Agricultural Resources

The most basic and primitive source, since the human being arrived on this earth is agriculture. The ancient civilizations began to cultivate the crops and since that period the process of getting food from soil is the major occupation till date. No one can deny the importance of agricultural worth. Agriculture can be referred as goods production by growth of plants, animals and relative life forms on earth. It is interesting to note that almost half of world’s population is employed in this field. Yet it is also a fact that the significance of agriculture or farming is relatively dropped by the beginning of industrialization. Some major industries are even based upon the raw materials provided by agriculture such as sugar, jute, textile, vegetable oil and tobacco.

Agriculture being the source of food and an occupation, we can also take it as a way of living. Most of world’s traditions and cultures are based around agriculture. Several festivals have been connected with the reaping or harvesting of crops. The main source of revenue is also generated from agriculture and related industry so, it is the basic priority of any government to uplift and expand its production sector. An export of agriculture related items can bring a high foreign exchange by adopting modernized methodology.     

Modern technology has already brought revolution in this field. The companies having international brands are working not only in different countries but also in various continents. Their daily production involves million of dollars. Vacancies are created and a direct growth in economy increases. The sources of livestock are also affiliated with agriculture, main source of meat and human nutrition is fulfilled by agriculture. It also alleviates poverty and uplift individuals survival and livelihood.  

The production of poultry, milk and fruits is also an integral part of agriculture. The new trend of getting energy like biogas technology of getting clean energy from the waste of livestock is the peculiarity of this field. By the reduction of agricultural growth the harmful effect on climate occurs.


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