Aromatherapy; a new way of treatment

Aromatherapy is a way of treatment in which aromas are used for mental, emotional and physical healing. These aromas are extracted oils from flowers and herbs so they are the natural means of treating diseases.

No doubt this therapy is not popular one and hardly any clinical evidence is present to justify its real worth worldwide. Some oils have therapeutic potential and they are really effective under certain treatments. However we find a large number of aroma therapists around the world who deliver a certain treatment which has a positive effect on a person’s general health and vitality.

These oils no doubt have the molecules which quickly evaporates into the air or environment whenever inhaled they effects the body through aroma. The main purpose is to react with the olfactory membranes of nose with active components. This is again linked to the limbic system and hypothalamus in the brain and these two areas play a vital role in regulating emotions, mind and body.

A variety of oils can be used or applied directly to the skin which are absorbed in the bloodstream and begins to provide certain effects undoubtedly.

These oils are hardly available however one has to pay a higher cost and sometimes their price depends upon their availability and the methods, how they are prepared or extracted. Rose oil is quite expansive and on other hand lavender oil is cheaper and freely available. Majority of oils are expensive and it will become always hard to find original stuff.

A household `atomizer can be used to disperse the aroma into the air. Essential oils are quite potent and most of them cannot be used upon the skin without diluting and under certain circumstances these oils can’t be used such as acute sensitivity and allergies.

Some general ailments that aromatherapy can cure or help to treat is skin problems, burns, infections, digestion, stress, menopause and certain respiratory problems.

These oils can be used as natural air fresheners or as certain household cleaning items. For hair loss , certain oils play a vital role to avoid scalp diseases and falling of hair continuously.    

By Umar Saleh


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