Ayurvedic medicine

Ayurveda is an ancient and traditional way of natural medicine which basically belongs to India. This word is derived from ayus, which means longevity and veda that is related to knowledge or science of life. Ayurveda is basically concerned to health, longevity and healing process which is used to compliment rather to replace the conventional way of medicines.

In ayurvedic a great variety of medicines is included; mostly the usage of herbs, purifications, muscle therapy, exercise, diet, meditation, aromatherapy and sometimes yoga is also a part of it. This type of practice determines ones living with healthy standards during entire life span and the various phases which certainly come in everybody’s life.

According to the myth of ayurveda everything is composed of five elements; space, air, fire, water and earth. People who practice such sort of medicines have lower side effects as we find in other practices.

Ayurvedic medicines are designed at restoring balance in the body by decreasing excessive elements and giving increase to others. If you catch cold for instance, you would be restricted to take dairy products.

This method of treatment emphasizes upon psychological, social and spiritual causes of disease and the belief that certain diseases are a result of unhappiness and confusion about life’s perception. Adopting of yoga and meditation relieve stress and anxiety as well as restoring ones clarity of purpose in routine life.

Pulse diagnosis is also a way to find the causes of illness and practitioners find the cause sometimes by just holding the pulse vain. A good practitioner also recommends a balanced lifestyle and stuff to be taken daily along with ayurvedic medicines.

If somebody is looking for a practitioner, he must sort a person who has taken extensive training at an ayurvedic school or college. Ayurvedic is effective and works better than western medicines, healing of asthma, arthritis, anemia, diabetes, allergies and many other complications can be resolved by taking these medicines.

This sort of practice is considered to be safe and beneficial for most of patients but some techniques can be considered harmful if not supervised with care. Be sure to find a qualified practitioner all the way. 

  by Uamr Saleh


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