Back pain

Back pain is the most common disease now days. Not only the elder ones but the young ones are also affected by this dilemma. It can be caused due to several reasons in which not having right posture, disc slip, having any kind of injury or the dislocation of any vertebra in the vertebral column due to any accident or mishap and not sleeping on the comfortable place are included. It can also cause due to over work load in which the muscles get stressed and leads to the pain in the back. As we know that our back is the integral component of our skeleton and without its involvement we can’t even imagine any kind of movement. Due to this trouble the other movements of the body are also restricted. There is a common observation that the persons with back pain start becoming fat this is because they cant move their other body parts in an appropriate manner as well as they cant even walk properly in sever cases. It means that due to the pain in back the person start adopting so many other kinds of diseases too like uric acid dislocation if the person becomes fat and diabetes.

There are several methods used to reduce this crises but the effective one are described below. Choose the best mattress from the market which can support the neck and the back bone properly. Take good care of your posture whether you are sitting or standing. Make sure that your spine should be erect in every position. Do little exercises in order to make your back muscles strong. Use back cushions to support your spine. Take the diet which is full of calcium and phosphate minerals, essential to make the bones stronger. Therefore by using these tips one can reduce his pain and save himself from the operation of the back which is usually recommended by the doctors in sever conditions.                   

By Umar Saleh


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