Becoming a freelance Writer

A majority of freelance writers do not earn according to their worth. They are good writers and they work with passion yet they don’t know the methods of earning which are rather technical and tricky. A good freelance writer should earn according to his or her worth all the way. What techniques and methods should be adopted to get more benefits? Here are some tips;

  1. Determine your worth and try to recognize your minimum wage, be clear about the talent you have and move ahead with better skills to back it up.
  2. Try to get feedback and routine testimonials. Be in contact with current and past clients for feed back. Attach a testimonial form at the end of each project. Always offer a discount on next order by filling out a form.
  3. Give an adequate rise to your rate at the start of every New Year; if possible increase your rate on a particular service that might be in demand.
  4. Be in touch with the profiles of successful freelance writers who have achieved best prices and got the right status in the market. If you want to be the best learn from the best.
  5. Keep on expanding your skills, buy new books in relevance to your skills and expand your area of expertise. By becoming more useful you have to prove your worth in the market.
  6. Online freelance tests and certifications are the best means of getting good recognition, so be aware of the ongoing trends because they gives you credentials.
  7. Expand your reputation and visibility along with good sites. Get noticed all the time and be prepared to have a task offering because you have the real identity to be cashed.
  8. Be aware of the good clients and avoid underselling because reputation means good market and never undercut your rates for just getting the bid.
  9. Always add a best resume of rarest skills online, be confident and committed.

10.  A good writer knows his or her worth to get the benefits because its not a poor mans job at all, you should become architect of your fate.

By Umar saleh


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