Becoming a Teacher or Coach

Certainly the highest callings to get in life would be a great teacher or coach for anybody who loves to lead others. If we think back to our childhood, we certainly remember who stood out in our life and played a great part in molding us the person we are today. They could be our parents or a teacher that helped us through tough times in our childhood.

Teachers and coaches do have important roles in our lives sometimes they not only teach us the subject that they are experts at, but they also elevate us by teaching us the art of life.

Take the example of a coach for table tennis; we all think that his or her main job is to produce a player who can make the way by winning so many medals by playing better than others. Similarly a teacher gets best out of you that he possibly can, as well as infuse things like discipline, love of the art, awareness of health and better understandings of life all the way.

A best teacher always directs his students towards the path of hard work and sacrifice as this is the best route to big success. Actions that do not improve you are actions having no worth at all. Great teachers remained constantly learning and getting better in their subject. They have the ability to take complicated issue and turn it into something simple. They are capable to inspire students to achieve what others consider impossible.

Great teachers normally have a balanced and tireless work ethics. They also know the fact that life in not all about them and do not care who receives the credit for future successes, providing everyone is working in the pursuit of perfection all the way.

A great teacher or coach never judge himself by what he or she earns or how many wins a team has given, they judge themselves by how many lives they have changed and how many they have inspired or elevated be the best they can be.  

By Umar Saleh


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