Best Advices for the Places around You from the Foursquare Users

There is no wonder that you enjoy great travels even sitting at your home. Technology and the latest apps have just made it possible. There are thousands of traveling ways that you can enjoy though these little devices. Well, don’t think I am talking about something close to Ufone ad, lols! This is something that has revolutionized world’s set ups and have brought great communities close to each other. One attribute that must be given to these technology devices is the strengthening local and global community relationships.

One among such traveling and ownership is foursquare. Here, young guys and school going teen agers feel proud if declared as a winner or owner of the place. If you still wonder, how you can visit or be an owner of some place without getting a physical access to that place, wait pls. your all queries will be answered as you go on read.
Foursquare is a location based social networking working for the software for mobile. This is basically based on idea that people can interact with their environment through their mobiles hence; it is used in GPS enabled mobiles. The service was first introduced in 2009 and now it is receiving 3 millions cheques per day as an average.

Foursquare mobile application allows its registered users to connect to their friends and update their location. So, foursquare is a game of GPS mobiles. It enables phone, Blackberry and others to log their visits of the favorite places like restaurants, cafes, bars and shopping malls. Primarily users used this GPS to locate nearby ATM services. But now the trend is shifted with the boom of technology. Users get different advantages for checking in at revenues and places.

If you are the lucky one to visit any place for the maximum time, you will be declared as the mayor of that place and this is going to benefit you in certain ways. If you are declared the mayor of a bar, you will be offered by a free drink. In the same way checking in for 5 times to Airport bestows with you badge.

For any user checking in, there are certain tips and reviews left over by the previous visitors checking in the same place like it may be like “this airport is not a good place at all”. This makes the new users definitely to leave their observations, tips and reviews for the coming ones.

There are certain advice left from foursquare users for the new users but it may not be all reliable because every mayor of the place wants to maintain his/her place for a long time and leaving no place for the coming.

The advice left for the checking in of places varies by the types of foursquare users. People loving literature will suggest you to check in at the world’s top libraries and book marts. Users having love for flying will urge you by giving the best advice to get airport badge by visiting airports time and again. Young people give recommendation to be the mayor of bars, cafes and clubs.

Foursquare users often get permanent mayor ship as hardly there is anyone who becomes successful getting more numbers of check ins. Foursquare users also give you advice to unlock your rewards, badges , discounts and reviews. These discounts and reviews help you come to get the better ranking of the users hence; able to get more chances to be the mayor of any place.

In the last few years foursquare has upgraded GPS applications as it enables you to explore the world. You can find your friends while you are on move. You visit wonderful places and are also known in the community of users. You can easily tell your friends were you are and share your pictures for improving your reviews and becoming helpful for the beginners.

Though there are many upcoming social trends yet foursquare is the last open opportunity to secure one’s ownership and identity of the place owned through mobile software. Yet, I must say this has not got as much popular as expected in comparison to other social media.

By: Ammarah Khan


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