Blind Spot – What can I learn from a Turkey

The ability to see where you’re blind is one of the most important lessons of life and are easily learned by a turkey. Every day at farms around the world are born in Turkey. They learn to people that feed them. Are you fed grateful for the wonderful man and maintain them. See as the days turn into months, that turkey feed they get each day and begin to accept as one of the basic realities of their existence. After the passage of 364 days, they sleep in the night 100% sure; they are fed the next day received. 365 days, rather than fed Turkey kills farmer. It is a big problem with your life assuming that you’re past your future the same. Work is to find that they do not know what you do not know how to Turkey. These blind spots can sneak up on you and kill you before you even know what happened.

I know some people who behave like turkeys in their love relationships. These guys assume that women with them for no other reason than that they stay right now. They believe that if their wife was unhappy, she would have gone, and she is still with her, she should be happy. Then get a big surprise to them when their leaves for another guy. The other man knows how to do things you needed in the relationship, that Turkey did not even know them to be happy to give.

Then there are the turkeys, who worked for the same company for 20 years. Every day, sitting in their cube, and every two weeks they get a salary. They assume that this is certainly continued as a sunrise every morning. Then, to their overall impact in a dark morning, they are firmly in the office that the company is in business. Since this possibility never passed their thoughts, they are not prepared.

It is a very stupid man, he knows the rules of the game, just because he does not believe is lost. The woman you’re not going to tell you in advance that you are looking for another man. It comes as a complete surprise for everyone if that happens. The owner of the company is not to say that the company will be bankrupt in the next month. It comes as a complete surprise for everyone if that happens. Farmer will not say to Turkey that it will kill tomorrow. It comes as a complete surprise for each turkey when this happens.

Unfortunately, life does not come with “CAUTION: Slippery When Wet” signs. Your blind spots in your responsibility, and as I said, most people do not know that these blind spots until it are too late. The most successful I know that all ready to listen and know every situation that they can not go to know everything. It takes a big man in the past his own ego get and realize that tomorrow a phrase he take not yet been considered, even if he was ready for anything up to this point. Just admit that you have blind spots and make you start to see what they do not even know was there.

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 By Taha Mateen


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