Blogging for a cause

People blog for many reasons, the most satisfying is the promotion of a cause just focusing to bring people over to support the cause. Providing information and sharing the knowledge all the way influence the people to view the blogging for a cause. Sometimes for many writers the particular reason is quite personal. No doubt this may lead the blogger to make mistakes within the blog posts. Writing a perfect blog certain points should be considered, such as;

  1. Don’t be sketchy in your blog, no matter how intense the post is, you must have to communicate clearly rather ranting or babbling. Your personal interest is important yet you should have clear reasoning for writing because an effective blog paints a clear picture to communicate without confusing the real message.
  2. The blog must start with a clear statement and then continue to drive the main points whatever is your message or means to you all the way. The information level should be adequate tending people to stay at post or keep on clicking thus moving ahead with your opinion throughout.
  3. Always offer your reader a course of action at the ending lines of your blog. This closing statement will convince readers to join your cause. If you want someone to vote a certain way or donate to a funding, this closing statement will provide them a step to get their selves involved all the way with your cause.
  4. Never let your readers to search information over the internet about your cause anyway, include each and every detail in your blog post. Try to interact with your readers in the comments section and make a point to report progress on the blog clearly.
  5. There are so many causes in the world to write about such as political, religious and humanitarian. A blog should be well organized rather than an emotional slogan and concentration would be the most required while doing certain type of job.

By  Umar Saleh


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