Breath therapy

Breath therapy can be called an incorporation of various techniques that helps you to breathe in a healthy and natural way. Breath therapy provides a support to our overall health; it can also solve various physical and emotional problems accordingly. This therapy helps to heal stress, anxiety and pain relief. A general health status can be achieved by adopting this form of healing process.

Patients with respiratory disorders can get maximum relief from this therapy. High blood pressure, headaches, asthma, heart diseases and depression can be healed through this therapy all the way.

The principle upon which this therapy is based is maintaining a specific breathing method that replace the tend to breathe in an unnatural and constricted way. The irregular breathing habit brings a negative influence in our routine life to stay healthy. This therapy helps to breath in a natural and unrestricted way for better health.

Everybody needs oxygen to survive and proper breathing brings a positive change to support our health in different ways. This energizes our body and calms our nervous system under a balance. Our lymphatic circulation is released just providing a good influence to our body health.

The breathe awareness provides a positive approach to handle different problems. It brings regularity in hailing the oxygen and gives us an opportunity to improve internal organs efficiency. Focused breathing is also a part of this type of therapy and you can direct each breath into a particular part of the body for healing process.

During yoga, a form of controlled breathing called pranayam is used to assist mental, physical and emotional health to aid spiritual development.

Posture supported breathing technique helps to expand and support fuller breathing continuously. Breathing supported by sound can help lengthen the exhalations and strengthen the diaphragm by continual exercise.

The best way to adopt this therapy is consulting a competent therapist, coach or teacher which can provide the basic training to act according to a guideline. By proper training a better health standard can be achieved accordingly.   

By Umar Saleh


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