Brown Sugar vs. White Sugar

Thus, the regular white sugar, which is usually used by people worldwide. It is made from sugar cane which is compressed and mixed with lime in order to achieve the desired pH and to precipitate impurities. Results sugar cane juice is reduced by evaporation and by a centrifuge, transferred to form crystals. These crystals are brown and raw sugar is also mentioned. This is, of course, brown sugar, a considerable amount of molasses, which is brown for the color, added. This sugar is free of additives such as dyes and chemicals. This natural brown sugar is sold on the market and a classic example of this type is Demerara sugar.

This raw sugar is subject to bleaching chemicals, such as carbon dioxide, sulfur. After bleaching sugar with phosphoric acid and calcium hydroxide is treated so that to remove impurities. The next step is to filter and granulated sugar and dried before packing. The resulting product is white sugar that is commonly used as sugar. Today, brown sugar and white sugar is made by adding molasses. This method is usually adopted because it lowers production costs. Another advantage of this method is that the ratio of molasses in the brown sugar can be easily controlled. You can also go through the article on Buzz vs. raw sugar and white sugar.

There are two versions of brown sugar. One is, of course, brown sugar, which is otherwise known as raw sugar. While raw sugar is a semi-refined version, other (made by adding molasses to white sugar) is a fully refined. While white sugar comes in many forms, from fine powders to granules of different sizes is also available in light brown sugar (3.6% molasses) and dark (6.5% molasses) species. Now that you have a basic idea of ​​white and brown sugar, let’s take a look at the differences between them.

Most of us are familiar with white and brown sugar. Even if, white sugar, is the most common variety, which allegedly brown sugar is more nutritious and healthy What reality? They differ in matters of health or nutrition? To understand the various aspects of brown sugar vs. white sugar, you need a good impression of these two sugars. So, let us understand more about the white sugar and brown sugar before comparing white vs. brown sugar.

Brown Sugar vs White Sugar

In general, white and brown sugars differ in color. Brown sugar is sweet with rich flavor, while white sugar is free of such tastes. White sugar is usually in the form of grains which are dry and free flowing, but soft and brown sugar granules tend to clump together. If you compare these two types of sugar by weight, then brown sugar have a low calorific value, because it has more water content. If you compare the volume of white sugar, fewer calories are packed as densely brown sugar crystals, which actually are.

As the name suggests, white sugar white and the other is brown. The difference is the presence of molasses in brown sugar. The presence of brown sugar, molasses is higher in mineral content. But this can be seen in natural brown sugar and white sugar is not a dummy, which suffers from processing. So in the white sugar vs brown sugar health are affected, of course, brown sugar can be considered to be superior. This sugar is also found free of chemicals and has a natural taste of cane sugar.

If you are confused about the brown sugar vs. white sugar in baking, then the answer depends on the recipe that you make. You must have a particular prescription is required. If you know with brown sugar substitute in baking, the resulting product is moist and sweet, with a slight butterscotch flavor. The most important point is to consider if the addition of brown sugar will change the taste of food if you are confused about the use of brown sugar vs. white sugar in cookies, then consider these factors. If cookies brown sugar you use wet with altered taste. Even the color of cookies is subject to change. You can white sugar in such cases, if you need to replace a brown sugar.

It was a short presentation on the various aspects of brown sugar vs. white sugar. You can either, as your choice and requirement. Remember, one thing is bad too much sugar. So it is always advisable to avoid high sugar intake, including sugar, then white or brown.

By Taha Mateen


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