Cancer is the most dangerous disease of all diseases. It plays havoc to human life. Cancer is the purposeless division of cells in any particular part of the human body. These purposeless divisions of cells are found in the form of tumors in the body. There are several types of this deadliest disease like brain cancer, bones cancer, intestines cancer, lungs cancer, skin cancer and many more. There are two conditions for every type of cancer. It could be found in the form of tumor present at a certain place or located at some point in the body. But in certain conditions it moves from one place to another due to the circulation of blood and thus spread throughout the body. It is the most dangerous condition of all. The symptoms of this disease are the loss of hairs, swelling, formation of tumors and ultimate weakness.  several medicines and therapies are introduced to limit this terrible disease but only few are affective. Like chemotherapy is the most common one these days. The cancerous patients get rid of their disease by using this therapy. In chemotherapy the body part which is affected is exposed to the radiations which destroy the cancerous cells. This treatment is highly effective these days but there is also a disadvantage of this treatment is that along with the cancerous cells the healthy cells are also get destroyed some time. The patient must also pay attention to his diet; he should avoid fatty or greasy food like cheese, eggs and butter. Cancer is the disease in which the chances of survival of the patient are extremely low. So in order to avoid this havoc one should take precautionary measures and the affected patient must keep himself checked from the doctor regularly as this disease has the chances to redevelop.              

By Umar Saleh


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