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jhon keats

An overview: John Keats is considered to be one of the greatest poets of English literature. Although he died at so tender an age, he has produced such masterpieces in poetry that have kept him alive even today amongst us. Basically he belonged to the “Romanticism” school of thought. Romanticism is a literary movement, a […]


Psychological interpretation of Wuthering Heights talks about relationships between individuals and society. It can also be taken as a representation of society where situations and vistas change thinking and mental actions of people. We will use some Freudian theories while studying different characters and their implication on society. According to Freud, there are three different […]


Emily Dickenson is one of the most prominent American poets, also acknowledged as one of the founders of the American poetry by some people. She was born in 1830 at Massachusetts and died in 1886, yet she remains a fascinating and intriguing pre-modernist poet after such a long time. As a poet, she seems to […]

Introduction to Linguistics

What is linguistics? It is defined in dictionaries as the academic study or, more simply, as a ‘science’ of language, and those who practice it are linguists. Another very general and usual definition is that the linguistics is ‘the scientific study of language’. This definition, however, further raises two more questions: what is meant by […]