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My Husband Blames Me For His Affair – Who’s To Blame?

Her husband is having an affair and blames it for his actions. Why do you blame him? Why did she want a relationship? There will be more than a dozen questions; there is a right to deceive her husband or her? No matter what reason is there is no justification for it. So do not […]

Women Interest

Life without favorite activity? Just like a dry peeling which soon withers if not being watered. Today the world believes in woman freedom and claims to give them as many rights as men do have. This is why a woman unlike yesterday has her own circle of life where she is self centered and cannot […]

Suggested diet plan for reducing plus size

Plus size can be a dangerous condition for anybody because heaviness may be a reason for many hazardous or risky diseases. Chubbiness can cause a cancer, diabetes, gallstones, heart diseases, heart failure, osteoarthritis, reproductive problem and many more. If anybody who have plus size or over weight should reduce their extra fat and should maintain […]

Self defense techniques when you’re defenseless

Often we heard that some attackers injured a man or women in bazaar, or in street, or near their office or house. Mostly the assailants are armed and violent and have done all the planning’s before harass, on the other hand a person who will be threatened by assailants normally don’t know and he/she is […]

What is Self defense ?

Self defense means protection of oneself from physical attack, which cannot be avoided. Self defense is a name of art which can protect us from the sudden attacker or from the person who want to injure us. Self defense a technique which can save us from the assaults of enemy and we can save the […]

Plus size health problems 2

In the last article which was on the same topic we have read about plus size or plumpness and its health problems. Over weight can cause many diseases and dangerous conditions. We have read that obesity may be reason for heart diseases, blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, heart failure, and high blood cholesterol or abnormal blood […]

Plus size health problems

At the past time over weight or plus size was a sign of health or we can say that a person who had have the plus size called healthy. But as time passes the people know about health problems and especially the print media and electronic media played a huge role to remove this wrong […]

What is cosmetic surgery ?

We often heard a word cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery so basically what is this? May be some of us know a lot more about this but I am sure that most of people don’t have correct information about this. Cosmetic surgery is usually executed to correct a physical abnormality or to improve, we can […]

Use of beauty products in past

The use of cosmetics has been experienced for thousands of years for modification of look and form of women’s and men’s both. Ladies have been used red Rose Patel for lips and black kohl for eyes beauty. Various kinds of fragrances and oils have been utilized for ceremonies and religious gatherings for long time. In […]

Menopause H.R.T.

What is menopause HRT? It is hormone replacement therapy. In the past days HRT was highly recommended for the treatment of menopause and menopausal symptoms. HRT therapy also recommended for the prevention of osteoporosis and heart disease in ladies. Hormone replacement therapy is used to supplement the body with estrogen alone or estrogen and progesterone […]

Food can be used as a beauty product

Every body know very well that the women’s biggest weakness is this, that they want to look beautiful & younger then other lady and want to achieve this purpose every lady work hard and try their level best to get their goal. Some ladies buy expensive products for their skin care and a number of […]

Facial cosmetic surgery

In the world wide and also in developed countries there is a wide range of facial cosmetic procedure. Facial is most popular form of cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery on the face and head is tremendously popular with those who want to look ever youth, and younger then his or her age. Facial cosmetic surgery is […]

Facial cosmetic surgery and its forms

If someone knows about cosmetic surgery procedure then he/she must know that it has wide range of procedures. Too many forms or types were explained in previous article and remaining one does enlighten in this article. Facial cosmetic surgery is very popular among those whose want to hit back the aging process or want to […]

Uses of cosmetics/beauty products.

A cosmetic is the stuff which is used by ladies for their skin to look younger and gorgeous. The youthful skin is weakness of every woman. They not only look younger but also want to seen stunning and gorgeous. Cosmetics or beauty products has been using for thousands of years. In the past the ladies […]

What is menopause ?

Menopause means the natural and permanent stopping of menstruation or simply we can say that menopause starts when the periods stop enduringly. It is a natural part of aging, signaling the end of your reproductive years. Female hormone levels drop, since they were produced by the ovaries which have now stopped working. The average age […]

Domestic Violence

In under developed countries domestic violence rate is much high, yet it is normally conducted behind the doors so it’s always hard to find the right figures. Women are mainly victim of this act and they try to hide the truth at large. Sometimes women over through this abusive situation and disclose the inner story […]

Fashions are found in our desire

Fashions are prevalent in all countries without exception. There is kind of romance or charm in the word “fashion”. She wields her magic want in all the walks of life. No one would dare put on the clothes which has grand father wore fifty years ago. It would require a lot courage to a citizen […]

Uses of purse in past and in present

A small bag used by women’s of every age, every culture and every country for carry out every day personal items or necessary objects called purse. A small pouch of leather or cloth, or plastic used by women’s for carrying their money or typical items. So it becomes a need of every women and girl […]

Home made remedies can be used for beauty?

Skin care is main concern for every woman in her life. Every woman wants to look elegant, gorgeous and unique beautiful lady among the people. They wish that every person admire her beauty and praise her beauty in words. And for this appreciation she can do any thing. She works hard to get the fresh […]

Handbags variations attract the women’s.

First of all we will discuss about the beaded handbags, the beaded bags can make an immense accent piece to ladies outfits. In the markets they variety from small seed bead covered clutches to handbags, made of big beads, that are perhaps carryall, so the ladies can match their party outfits with a black beaded […]

Selection of handbags, not an easy task

An average to little or small sized bag, which have a small handle called handbag, designed for ladies to be carried in their own hands. Some bags have large handle and clutched by women’s easily. Often ladies handbags differ to medium to large size designed in a fashionable way that attracts the ladies in a […]

Fresh youthful look the aspiration of every women

Younger, youthful, and fresh beautiful look is a craving of every woman and every young, aged or old lady want to appear as a young and fresh lady. But getting the younger look is not a easy task every woman try to her level best for younger and fresh look. They buy an expensive product, […]

Women feel unsafe

The latest subject of discussion among women these days is not corruption, but of feeling unsafe. The recent spate of violent crimes against women’s in the national capital has got various women’s organizations and NGO’s up in arms. They are knocking at the doors of home ministry personnel. A survey conducted of women aged 18 […]

Girls of modern Era

The days have passed when the people thought that the girls cannot do any thing and  God made them only to serve the family of her. And the uneducated people of villages and cities also thought that the girls are made only for home. Secondly in our culture  the girls should not come out of […]

Women in business

Women are playing a significant role in the growing business avenues. We find a great number of women actively participating in the economy of world’s business platform. They represent their business in almost every sphere of life. They are vigorously accepting the new challenges of economy and finance. They are accepting the challenging jobs with […]

Working at Home

Working at home is becoming popular now a day due to the easy access to internet connections. This is an exciting job too because it does not need you to go to some office and work in a time schedule. The instant element of economy is also present in it, in any business you have […]

Role of women in society

Women are considered as the strongest species in this whole world. They secure the half of the population of a country as some times more than half. The present age is the era of women. They are becoming doctors, engineers, scientists, astrologers, professors and nurses. They are moving shoulder to shoulders along with the men. […]

Working Mother’s Are The Best or Not

Mother when this word comes in to our imagination, we cant think except this that a mother is a personality who have only love, sacrifice, politeness, soft words and much more prayers for us. Mother always shows care for their children, the first only book and school for children is mothers lap. Actually mother is […]