Causes of Depression

When we are depressed, we feel sad or cry a lot, a feeling of irritation and overreacting arouses rather we lose our confidence. Life seems to be dark and meaningless. We forget most of things positive in life and loose concentration. A feeling of restlessness and disorder in sleep occurs. The eating habits are changed and a heavy heart feeling make us pessimistic. We try to think about death, some people commit suicides under such influences.

Depression is basically a mental state to think in certain negative influences, our feelings are changed and results in making us abnormal. Some times the people around us irritate us to feel sad and sometimes the financial loss and unemployment results in depression. Love affairs, emotional, sentimental attachments directly hurt our feelings. The breakup of relations and incapacity to face the realities of life are directly affecting us inwardly.

Depression is taken as unconsciously learnt approach. It is an inward process going on inside the head. The state of depression can be fight back by realizing the enemy of pessimisms. The more you control your feelings the more it will be comfortable to keep the mental state normal, causing minimum damage to health. The scientists have found a chemical imbalance in brain that plays a vital role in the way we feel. Some people are oversensitive and they try to over come depression but they could not find courage in them to do so, they are easy prey of depression mostly. The role of religion is very basic to overcome depression as we have a spiritual power to uplift our courage to depend upon God and finally He has the power to get ourselves out of certain fears and mishappenings,


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