Celiac Disease

Intestine plays vital role in the digestion and helps in absorption and the intake of important nutrients and minerals while makes the excretion of the extra material and non digestible stuff out of body. Any problem or the ailment caused in intestine definitely can make you sick. Therefore; it is a matter of great importance that your intestine works the best to avoid any type of ill health situations. Human body works by the pair of intestine i.e. a small intestine and the large intestine. Small intestine provides surface for the digestion of the non breakable material while the basic function of the large intestine is the absorption and the excretion. Anyhow human body cannot afford any of the intestines going out of order.

Therefore you must have good eye watch knowledge of the intestine health tips and the intestine diseases. This article is concerned with one of the intestine disease countered and complaint about very often. This can help you in knowing and to some extent in preventing celiac disease. Basic knowledge of the mechanism of the celiac disease may enable you leaving such things which later on may become a source of the intestine disorder.

Celiac disease is an intestine disorder which damages its protective lining and stops the absorption taking place here. There is no age limit specified for this disease. It can occur any time from infancy to old age. One can have only precautions to stop it but no prescribed cure. Although some of the factors causing this disease are known, yet medical research is unable to prescribe an ultimate treatment of the disease. Only relative remedies are suggested. The cause is known, the symptoms are discovered yet the answerable question is its final and ultimate cure.

It is revealed in medical research that it happens mainly due to the infection or the damage of villi which play key role in absorption of various nutrients, which are very necessary for normal growth of human body. A known factor is gluten which is a white protein mainly found in wheat, rye, barely and some of the medicines. This protein causes the infection and thus damages the villi forming the absorption lining of small intestine. As a result the person is devoid of important minerals, vitamins and other nutrients. Consequently the patient becomes the victim of malnutrition.

People having celiac patients in their family are more prone to the disease as it is thought to be concerned with genetics. Its symptoms vary and stop the normal growth of body. People start feeling permanent fatigue and complain weight loss. The major reason that the disease becomes severe is its late diagnosis. In many cases patient does not know because he does not feel any obvious symptom in himself.

Anyhow there are various ways which assist in its diagnosis. Blood tests are the first line investigation. After diagnosis all patients are suggested the same remedy i.e. long time gluten free diet. No medication exists that can prevent the damage of villi or keep body secure from the attack of the disease. If one follows strict adherence to the gluten free diet, the result is the healing of intestine and helps in resolution of all symptoms. This is only possible when the patient is aware which food is gluten free. Along with the gluten free diet, an arm’s distance should be kept from those daily products which contain high concentration of gluten. With the intake of gluten free diet, villi start performing their function slowly and the absorption process starts with it.

Gluten is a white protein which stops the absorption of important food nutrients and thus causes celiac disease. Celiac disease is a condition which damages small intestine and interferes the absorption taking place inside its lining. People suffering with this disease cannot tolerate gluten.  Gluten is mainly found in foods but may also be present in everyday products like lip balm, vitamins and medicines.  When a person eats food having gluten or uses one of these daily products, he immediately suffers. The immediate respond is the damage of villi. Villi are small projections which function to absorb important elements found in food. After absorption, these nutrients mix in blood stream. Villi form the lining of small intestine.

When villi are affected, its absorption capacity is reduced, and the necessary healthy elements go wasted without getting absorbed. As a result, the patient suffers malnutrition, no matter how much he eats. Celiac disease can be due to two reasons i.e. malabsorption and an abnormal immune reaction to gluten.

The exact reason of the disease is not known. However it is a hereditary disease and runs in family’s generation after generation. It can also become active after pregnancy, surgery and specific medication. Research shows that there are three factors which behind a celiac disease. The time a person was breastfed, the age a person starts eating gluten diet and the amount of the food having gluten are three factors thought to be playing vital role in disease. It is commonly thought that longer the period a person is breastfed, later will the symptoms will appear.

Patients of celiac disease show different symptoms, the most common of which are fatigue, delayed growth, irritability and constant anxiety. They also complain constipation, diarrhea and stool problem. The symptoms can vary depending upon the age of patient and the type of infection in the lining of small intestine.

People having celiac problem may also have other health problems. Their immune system attacks other healthy cells and tissues. Diabetes is one of those common problems which are mostly faced by the patients of celiac disease. Thyroid disease, liver disease and rheumatoid arthritis are the other problems concerning celiac disease.

Celiac disease affects people in all parts of the world. More than 2 million people in United States suffer with celiac disease. In many cases it may be diagnosed even a decade after the patient is suffering with.

By: Ammarah Khan


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