Charging time is Matter for SEO?

Charging time is typically defined as the time for a complete Web page in a browser that has all the elements of a page taken last. If the charging time of the SEO thing? Here’s a question that came on my radar several times in the last few months. In fact, Google’s Matt Cutts recently spoke about him in one of his videos several blog (link below). So with so many people ask to speed page load affect SEO, what is the answer? In short, the answer is yes, the page loading time is not important.

How important is load time?
Well, Matt Cutts said that the page load time a factor in a site-ranking, but is as important when it comes to ranking in the SERPs? It is clear that while the page loading speed is measured and collected as part of the Page Rank (with over 200 other variables). It is reasonable to assume that this variable is a low priority or low / medium is variable – unless the speed is so slow to see that Google and affect the ability to collect data from your site. I personally visited many web pages in different categories, and they went through the whole time the persecution of page load. Many links on the front page were slower than the page on page, second, third, fourth and fifth of offers. In addition, we have tried a pulse on what others have SEO professionals and Web developers have to take these say.

Matt Cutts of watching the video (link below) and some videos along with other information on SEO from Google and other search engines, the crucial point try, given the web developer Drive / SEM SEO professionals is that the ends of built quality website offers visitors the best web experience should be sought when building a website. So if your site with unnecessary code that is filled with distracting the media and difficult to navigate, is not only the lack of user experience, but this will be reflected in low rankings.
Watch the video here:

How to measure and to speed up your site
As part of the SEO industry, we understand that some successes attention to detail. During the upload speed is only a minor role in the overall standings, where you are currently building a new site / page or website tweaking play, it pays to look at the speed of loading and improve it if necessary.

Google now highlighting their improved loading speed of Google Analytics code (found here: https: / / / API / analytics / docs / Tracking / asyncTracking.html). I recommend you simply add not sure this code on the bottom of each of your sites, but also to locate, Java Script file.

This code is now present what they asynchronous syntax that explains how Matt Cutts is a piece of Java code that is loaded after the Web page loads (this improves the efficiency of loading times) called. In addition, Google has a new tool for measuring the speed of the website analysis reports (found here started: speed. html). The tool is a great way in which sites / pages load slowly and how to determine the remedy.

Obviously there are many factors involved when it time to load a Web page as the code is on the page itself, possible error, the amount of text, images, include media such as video and widgets websites, etc. Other factors: Internet connection speed, browser, speed server site, the traffic trying to register a site and the distance between your computer and the server. Although there are many factors involved, generally speaking, Google will determine the speed of your site while “is” their ability to fully access your Web site, note so when using other tools and need to find a discrepancy in load times.

By Taha Mateen


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