Concentrate on Communication in Co-parenting

  1. 1. Communication Plays Significant Role!

Communication! Yes, it does wonders in co-parenting relationships. You must have come across various couples getting angry at their partners. As per an estimation of a survey conducted for the reasons of failures of Couples’ married life, a major factor is the absence of communication between two partners.  This is very important to know what communication is. It does not mean that you always keep busy in romance with your partner; this can be a normal discourse about common things. The presence of a healthy discourse is much necessary to keep parents united. It gives a better chance to your partner to understand your approach and feeling towards common issues of life.

  1. 2. Be Expressive!

Expressions are to take out instead of keeping them in your heart. Don’t hesitate telling your partner if you ever feel regret on what you did or even you are ready to apologize for that. I must consider that it can be your partner committing faults, then in that case, accept him if he ever comes back to you with tears in his eyes. Greet him with open arms instead of opening a Pandora box of deadening past. You must remember human beings are not born on angelic instincts, we all commit blunders in one or other part of our life.

  1. 3. Keep Your Communication Regular

Far off communication can enhance the complexity of situation or can deprive you the informal conversation. A continuous and regular communication can bring you close to your partner or at least can remind him of your presence. This is important to keep your presence alive. At least, you get successful in taking your time from your partner. More time you spend in conversation, a longer effect it will have! If you are successful in keeping a regular track of your communication with addition of pleasant things, you can keep your fingers crossed.

  1. A Polite Tone Is A Must For Communication In Co-parenting

If you always wonder what takes your partner disinterested during a conversation, consider your tone. Are you a harsh speaker? Do you get furious on trivial issues and start shouting on telephone? Are you a humorless Complainer? Are you too suspicious and always open an inquiry? Is your partner tired of giving you justifications?  Consider all these things in your free time. This list is not to add to your worries. This is a simple diagnosis that can make your conversation an interested and engaged one for your listener.

  1. 5. Have Patience To Assure A Two Way Communication

This is very natural; when you’re angry, you want your catharsis. This is your right but you must be patient doing that. Often we make things complex in our fury. You must give an equal opportunity to your partner to clarify things. This is the best way that you can have an insight of your partner’s thoughts. I don’t say that you are always guilty but you must consider that sometimes it may be you making things wrong. So, you must tolerate the conversation, no matters how unpleasant it becomes. Think, if you don’t give a chance to your partner to clarify his position, you’ll never know the truth behind.

  1. 6. Add Little Pleasing Things About Your Child

Children are the great temptation for every parent. And you have a strong weapon to get your partner back to you. I do not suggest begging his love for the children; you can do it in a hidden way.  Always try to add little things associated with your child, it may be about her learning new things or missing the old ones. This is a natural urge of every father or mother to listen and love the child’s acquisition, one can’t keep one’s heart as hard as stone for one’s kid. Try to depict the things in a pleasant way even in the worst situation; it can help you getting your way back.

  1. 7. Talk About Your Children’s Future

Children are fair angelic creations who can keep their parents united. If you’re a dad, bring your children’s mom realize that she is an important element of her kids’ lives. If you’re a mom, remind your kids’ father, he is much important for them and for you as well. Build a focused communication involving plans about your children future. Build your dreams and let your partner know, future can be better than today. Naturally, every father and mother becomes ready to sacrifice when dreaming of a bright future for their children. It can help you get your partner back.

  1. Share Good Old Days

Sharing in communication is much important for a strong and developed co-parenting relationship. You must have spent some memorable past with your partner. When you are separated or going on the track of separation, these good old days serve as a reservoir and can drive pleasure to you. You can still have the same time if you are willing. Share the good deals of those days with your partner.  Remind him a happy time you lived together. Express your love for that time and involve your partner doing so. This can provide tons of comfort and solace to both of you in the clouds of despair and dismay.

  1. 9. Give Respect And Take It!

In co-parenting relationship, this is much important to show your respect for your partner. The moment your partner realizes that you’re getting rude to him; he’ll start taking you for granted. Don’t give him a chance to spoil the pleasure of conversation. Obviously, nobody likes to get insulted in response to a friendly call. It’s better to wait for the time he turns to you and starts the issue by him. Try to make your conversation a friendly but respectful. Shouting or insulting has never solved any issue. Also, keep the impact in your mind that your conversation can leave on your children about their father’s portrait.

10. Clear Your Position In A Sensible Way

If you find that your partner is misguided or has misunderstood something about you, clarify your position. This is much important in co-parenting relationship to develop a strong trust. Anyhow, there comes time when one feels led by the circumstances to reach at a wrong conclusion. Don’t think it against your dignity to give justifications for what you have not done. Try to understand the fact if a single word from you saves your repute, there is no harm saying it. Fate is a secondary element involved in your life; this is you at primary position affecting your relationship with your decisive communication.

By: Ammarah Khan


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