Dog Days of spring in Nova Scotia Linda MacLean

Today I was pried from my office chair was Mike; I needed to take a walk! The truth is I need movement. The winter was long and hard for me this year! Mike told me to get a flu shot, I’m not discouraged, and what … Need I say more. After 10 weeks I am now feeling human again, and the warmth of the sun and waiting for the miracle of life slowly out of the window, the spring was for me.

It was a beautiful day here in Nova Scotia, snow is almost all gone, and our preferred route for walking, which is once a railway line is now free of ice and filled with spectacular views. There is a large granite rocks and hills during the last ice age, the fish now with trees and moss and babbling brooks, rushing rivers and many lakes fabulous covered. The railway line was cut again in the landscape around 1910 and was an easy task. Parts were broken 95 years later, when the line was abandoned and turned into a hiking trail. There is also a great place for the two English springer spaniel energy exercise!

Our dog named Hunter and Britney are brother and sister, in front of a cozy cave in our basement 10 years ago a mother and grandmother of them are born in our basement. We do not raise dogs to sell to propagate the race only to our beloved pets.

Hunter is a wild boy with a heart of gold. For Springer it is very quiet and would be a wonderful hospice to make dog. He is a big boy with huge feathered legs, a perfect glow on his nose and a penchant for running. When pheasant hunting dog, he is a disaster, as he always has a number of counties over where it should be, and not good for a hunter at all. Also, he will go where “no other dog has gone before.” Head shaking, in fact!

Britney’s shy, and was planned as non-hunting family pets. A beautiful dog with a big heart petite, delicate legs and a breathing problem – she says. In fact, it sounds like a pig! It also appeared on the bottom of the grid, if God made vaulted intellect. Lack of gloss is what I called it! But both dogs were trained to follow voice, hand and whistle commands and is very good.

When Hunter officially in disgrace for disobedience of the hunt at the age of 5 retired, Mike Spears decided to take with him to replace Hunter – give more “Little Missy” some exercise than anything else. Who would have thought that they excel in this area – certainly not us! Light switch turned on in her brain began, her eyes light up, and Britney was suddenly much more to life as a pampered pooch. Yipped She was excited and amazed by the perfect little huntress, probably the best hunting dog he ever Mike.

How dogs know that she is a mystery to me for a walk! You can leave the house, the car 10 times and is quite happy to go with you on the deck. But if they have a house for a walk, run snort Wrong rpm / with excitement and uproar caused by your feet to leave. Once i was in the car with excitement and “speak” to shake all the time. Little squeaks and whimpers – yes, and snort – the increase in the volume we get closer to hiking trail. They know each and every bump on the road and should not return to the designated parking spaces are there in total shock!

Puppy public seems to go hiking in the middle of the afternoon and got to know many other pets by their first names. Their owner on the other side goes nameless as he, probably in November. Most dogs are allowed the luxury of walking around freely and are only leash when other dogs or people to get their way.

Hunter loves to run and every given command to start a high speed down the embankment and in rural areas, hoping to flush a pheasant. If he is successful he will follow, tree and then it becomes very frustrated when the bird sits mocking him on the arm. Britney is on the other side to go on the heel and not on risk. When she throws the scent of a pheasant, the nose down and begins to pursue him, snorting and Wrong rpm as it goes. There is great excitement around and is great to see these working dogs. You are totally in their element.

In this time of year, small streams and ponds are still covered with ice, but ice is rotten and crumbling away. One of our greatest fears is that the dog will walk by falling ice. Where there is dense bush around, not the rest be easy, if not impossible, so do not let dogs tend Hunter long range and a callback time.

You can only see him plot his escape, as he went by the wayside, even though they go left or right, he leans in the direction they will take advantage of what we said, warning of unintended consequences. He will eye an escape route and then to ignore it hoping I did not notice, then, before you can set to blink an eye, he went!

Lower Austria Bank is like a ball in the bushes, is all you hear the breaking of branches, twigs and tinkling of a bell. Hunter now has a bell attached to his collar, so we can monitor his movements – a bit! If he, in pursuit of pheasant, nothing stops on this green earth and rocky. Dad’s pipping the pipe is completely ignored. It is considered a very bad puppy behavior and unfortunately become quite a regular basis.

This afternoon he has done just that. Mike and I saw him know that he would try to screw, and then when I let your guard down, he was gone. All I could hear what I was breaking the branches and the tinkle of a bell, which has been weaker, as the track continues. Then I heard to break the ice!

Rural stopped, Mike and I looked horrified, and Britney was at our feet want to go forward with the foot. What began as a stone less frenetic at the end of the whistle is blown – but without success. There was nothing we do could be heard but the vegetation was too thick to follow the dog. Silence!

Then, away in the woods, in a different direction come the sound of a bell. It was a long way, but comes in our direction. A few minutes later, Hunter appeared on the trail a hundred yards away looking very pleased with him. He was literally smiling from ear to ear! Stern words were spoken to the dog by both Mike and I have to admit that he was overjoyed that he was safe and sound and my stern words does not mean much. Hunter was on the lead and dare was for the day.

At home, arrived and settled in his kitchen nice warm bed with his sister. Hunter smiled still very tired!

Linda Maclean was born and raised in South Africa where he lived for 26 years. She now lives on the eastern shore of Nova Scotia with her partner Mike, and two Springer Spaniels.

 By Taha Mateen


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