Eagle Ranch Academy teaches children in Anger Management Therapy

Children who act in response to what to do with traumatic events in their lives to meet often difficult. Parents may feel that their child can not reach or handle their outbursts when it happens. Problems that led to this behavior is left uncontrollable fear, though there is a divorce in the family, a sense of injustice at home from school (as in response to bullying), bipolar disorder or inability to self-reflect.

Eagle Ranch Academy is a residential treatment center for youth from 11 to 18; learn to have exhausted traditional therapies to deal with their anger. If you’re a teenager who has become uncontrollable, we have developed methods that help them control their emotions. ERA is a working farm in St. George, Utah. We have staff and licensed clinical expertise to not only help your child, but experienced and loving care you can trust your child.

A typical day in your child’s program is reason to pause and reflect, and manage their emotional reactions. The program consists of 12 classes of students, by trained professionals, including integrated monitoring therapists. You have goals, things cease completely all their studies and in individual and group therapy sessions. You will still be able to continue their studies in their home country, because we use a recognized academic curriculum. The program also includes individual life skills training designed to your child they need to continue to manage their lives in a positive way, after we leave.

Our therapists use the clinically proven methods to help your child, not only control their anger and express emotions in a much more positive. We combine these eight core values ​​of our character, our Coaching Life Skills program, our positive reinforcement behavior modification program based value and emotional growth seminars. Together, these strategies children that it is positive and healthy way to express themselves and develop self-monitoring and self-evaluation. We also contact your child € ™ s, the core problem is that they act out.

During the program, you will be in constant contact with us and your child. At Eagle Ranch Academy, we not only help your child with anger management problems, we are committed to helping you help your child. We can even participated emotional growth seminars for the whole family in the house so everyone can learn to live with the complexity of anger management and crisis control.

First Eagle Academy will farm teen behavior based on past and present, and psychological and educational tests, if necessary to evaluate. Then ell helps you through what can be a lengthy process of dealing with health insurance to cover their tuition costs to navigate. We also have scholarships available. I am always available to answer your questions. If you have a limited entry for your child to a crisis, we also have the option. ERA scholarships to parents who wish to attend one of our seminars and workshops.

 By Taha Mateen


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