Energy healing; a new method

Energy healing is expressed in a variety of different explanations amongst the various nations and cultures. In Chinese traditional medicines, it is considered to be a source of healing by removing any blockage in the meridians, which are called the energy pathways described to run through the body. Some other perceptions considered that energy healing works by balancing and stabilizing chakras, which are a path of energy centers in the body that usually correspond to the endocrine glands.

The fundamental energy which animates or permeates our minds and bodies has a lot of different names in the various studies of different nations across the world. In china it is called chi, in Japan it is called ki, mana in Hawaii, and prana in India. Healing with energy is involved directing and intensifying this life-force energy to build ones body stronger.

According to various scientists this way of healing is effective because by placing things or people in close proximity to each other they actually resonate together. For example, if a person is sad and other is happy, the one will start to feel the others emotions.

The energy healers use their hands to provide a high vibration energy field. The patient begins to resonate and entrain in response of that energy. The person or practitioner who is undertaking the treatment is basically not healing but the patients body is provided with more life energy and this becomes a way of natural healing itself according to its own spontaneous wisdom.

This particular way is effective in healing pains especially in the neck and back. It is also a source of healing for internal problems such as organs, glands performing various functions in the body.

Psychological and emotional problems are also treated; as a result some bad emotions can be turned into joy or gratitude. People feel stress and anxiety due to the upcoming pressures of modern age and this way helps to diminish the ultimate shadows of unhappiness all the way.

Any patient consulting a healer must be careful to avoid the medication he has been taking long because abrupt discontinuation of prior medication may bring complications.

 By Umar Saleh


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