Paralysis is a situation in which the body becomes permanently or temporarily unable to move to perform any function consciously. There are many kinds of paralysis caused in a human body. And there are several causes for them. Any deformity or disability in nerves can cause paralysis. There are many types of paralysis but erb, s paralysis is the most common one. Erbs paralysis is mainly caused due to the disturbance in the nerves of backbone. The site of injury in this paralysis is the upper trunk of brachial plexus which is also called erbs point. It is one of the most chronic paralysis in which the arm of a person become useless to perform any kind of function.

Erbs paralysis could be birth injury, fall on shoulder or during anesthesia. It is commonly caused due to the separation of head from shoulder. The main branches or nerve roots involved or concerned with this disease is C5 and C6. The muscles of these roots of spinal cords are paralyzed. The muscles of the body which are affected by erbs paralysis are biceps, deltoid, brachial, brachioradialis, supraspinatus, infraspinatus and spinator. All of these are the muscles of arm and forearm. When they get paralyzed, the arm will become unable to perform any function.

The position of the hand in this condition become hanged by the side, slightly upward and medially rotated. The forearm will become extended. In this disease so many movements of the arm, foreman and hand are lost like extensions of arm away from the body, flexions of arm, jerks are lost and sensations are also lost over the small area on the lower part of arm, near shoulder. The deformity is also known as policemen hand tip. Because the hand become hanged at each side of the body. It is a permanent disorder of spinal cord which cannot be corrected. But by administrating the body from a physiotherapist can start motion in the arm at some extent but it needs time as it is a slow process, the only remedy for erbs paralysis.

 By Umar Saleh(315/10)


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