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“The British Empire is long dead, leaving only debris and dirt.”

From the Empire

The Ferguson Niall

The earth-spanning empire that once 25% of the worlds land mass and more than 444 million people are in fact controlled gone, but the country still with us gave birth, and strong as ever. It is generally be came out that the disappearance of the empire during 1939-1945, when the war was literally in the fight against the Axis powers. Prime Minister Winston Churchill is often the mantle of American global power and the Soviet Union the new superpowers. Although England was certainly up overshadowed by the nation’s youth to the war it was a crucial role in ending fascism to end the game.

During conflict, the British industry expanded considerably and produces a surprising amount of military equipment. By the end of the war was the aircraft of all types 131 549, 480 943 Lorries and trucks, 124 877 anti-tank and anti-aircraft guns and 27 896 tanks and assault guns.

Royal Navy was the world’s largest in 1939, but fell to second place by the end of the war. However, it remained a force capable of fighting very large and powerful groups of anti-submarine, amphibious forces and carrier task forces. By 1945, included large light aircraft carrier 24:07, 13 battleships (five of which new) (built especially war), 50 cruisers, 400 destroyers, frigates, corvettes, and 97 submarines.

At its peak, used 2900000 army men, compared with 3.6 million First World War, however, the numbers can be misleading because a large number were also very much needed in the Air Force is more than a million men and women extended at the end of the war Sizable numbers are also required for the UK workforce with new tanks, planes and ships to build.

Then the nation demobilized its armed forces led all Western countries. With the coming of the war in Korea, and the formation of NATO, the United Kingdom discovered post-war role. Over the next decades were repositioned his troops guarding the empire in decline, in relation to cooperation with allies. it is necessary to provide air bases for U.S. bombers, and protect the central front in West Germany with the Rhine Army.

Although it remained small in comparison, the military giant, were very effective when it started in 1958 precision land, sea and air attacks against targets in Egypt during the Suez crisis. While politically dangerous for the United Kingdom, the army would take lessons to heart, and paved the way for the brilliant victory in the Falkland Islands 26 years later.

. The sea was mirror landing system, steam catapults and deck angle, all of which introduced the now standard with American super-carriers. They built the first war with a helicopter hangar also now standard in most marine and were the first to use troops in a crisis with Egypt hellebore above.

Aircraft were to plan it as a world leader Lightning fighter-bombers and V Buccaneer attack, all stood at the front in the 1980s. Harrier V / STOL aircraft, modified versions, is in service with navies around the world and U.S. Marines and RAF.

April 1982 was a turning point in British history For small population of the Falkland Islands, this meant less than the Argentine military handed over to protect the Royal Marines on the islands, claiming that “Malvinas” them.

Argentina has one of the most effective forces in South America. There was considerable fighting and bombardment forces, trained with the crew of Israel and America. It included a fleet of aircraft carriers, destroyers and German U-boats in the UK. A weakness was probably the army, consisting mainly of green recruits. However, they were stubborn and courageous.

Royal Navy seemed at first glance, a shadow of its former self. Her last major carriers, HMS Ark Royal, was recently deleted and replaced by three light sources Harrier jets armed with 6 pieces. Sea Harrier was thought an after-the design of the ship, and still be tried in the battle. Hundreds of cruisers and destroyers built war were scrapped or sold abroad. Surface fleet now consisted of 60 modern fighters, armed with new missiles and helicopters.

RAF seemed powerless in the face of the distances. November Tornado aircraft and a higher Phantom fighter were bought with a European war in mind. Few of the old V-bomber remained and could only reach the South Atlantic after several fuel oil.

By Taha Mateen


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