Healthy diet for kids

Kids are our future nation and if our kids will be healthy then our nation will be healthy. Kids are so sensitive and their immunity system is also not very strong. Similarly the kid’s bones are feeble and can be break very easily. So the children’s need a healthy diet which is full of nutrient essentials. The five groups of food that have all the nutrients that keep the kids body healthy and make them grow. The healthy food contains the different food from the all five groups of food.

Kid’s healthy diet’s large parts are base breads, rice, cereals, grains and pastas. These foods fulfill the requirements of their body’s need. An infant of six months need only mother’s milk but after a six months the mother’s should start the light cereals and specially a boiled potato, boiled egg, bananas, a mixture of milk, sugar and rice which called kheer is as well uses for kids. But the mother’s should remember one thing that these boiled eggs and potatoes should pound and crushed with fork and then gave it to child. After one year the child is ready to eat more solid stuffs like boiled vegetables with rice, different cereals and specially the grains. Dairy products are also a main part of healthy diet which is extremely significant for kids.

Carbohydrates should form a most important part of the kid’s diet. Carbohydrates are the most common source for energy and it’s also play a big role in storage and transport of the energy. Carbohydrates are responsible for proper functioning and immune system and various other developmental processes. Carbohydrates may found in rice, breads, potatoes, cereals, grains and pasta. Mothers should include the fresh fruits and vegetables to their Childs daily diet because they are very good source of vitamins, minerals, fiber and other nutrients. An extra advantage of these fresh fruits and vegetables is that they are low fat and very functional for the development of child’s health.

Dairy products are the most important part of kid’s diet. Milk, yogurt, cheese are the rich in nutrients like calcium, protein, fat and vitamins. Calcium play a huge role to strong the bones of kids and also very necessary for dental health. Protein can get from the fresh fish, chickens meat, eggs and pulses. Protein is helpful for proper body functioning, built muscles and also a part of hemoglobin. The last but not the least is fat which can get from oils, nuts, butter and also a need of body. These all five groups of healthy diet will supportive for the development of growth and make your child vigorous and healthy. So the mother’s should follow the instructions and build your child’s health well and strong.                      

 By Rehana khan(111/10)


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