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Related to carbohydrates and starch in them were always perceived as the enemy in terms of weight gain. Many diets were also based on the myth that carbohydrates could have won the real culprits behind all those extra pounds. However, there is a healthy kind of strength that can really help you lose weight and give you all the health benefits of eating Carbohydrates. Healthy food starch, which are also called complex carbohydrates, those who know, are also rich in fiber, you retain full longer. You burn calories and help you get excited. These fiber-rich foods are also known to be heart healthy because it helps to lower cholesterol. So what kind of food we are talking about? Let’s find out.

What is healthy food starch?

Starchy foods that are healthy and the benefits listed above enrolled here. These foods are known to contain resistant starch; it does not immediately stop supplying instant energy in the digestive system. Instead, they are digested slowly, so that it keeps for a long time feeling full and energized.

 Brown rice

 Bread: whole wheat, multigrain, seeded

 Wheat paste

 Whole grain breakfast

 Oats (preferably all or steel)

 Potatoes (baked or cooked with skin)



Bulgarian wheat


Beans (all types) and lentils

 Unripe bananas

All these foods contain calories, but these are calories that are healthy for the body, not those who store up. In fact, some studies have shown that consumption of these foods actually help you burn fat cells, leading to weight loss. These foods are not increase blood sugar as well as simple carbohydrates in refined foods such as bread, rice and pasta.

 Avoid all carbohydrates in an effort to lose weight is one of the biggest mistakes of people that are made in desperate need of losing weight. By giving up these foods, they end up a lot of nutrients that can actually be very healthy for them to lose. The benefit of these healthy foods, the starch has already been mentioned. Rather than avoid these and find hungry every so often, it is definitely a good idea to include these foods in your diet and see how to lose weight.

 Experts suggest that for effective and rapid weight loss, food should mention food, enjoy the rich in fiber, like fruits and vegetables. Eat at least five servings per day to achieve maximum benefit.

 How to enjoy healthy food starch?

 Some of you may find extremely boring list above, and you may be wondering how to include in your diet, Here we give you some ideas that can make this delicious food (and certainly nutrients) compliments to any meal.

 Oats with a cup of yogurt and fresh berries for breakfast is perfect.

 Try brown rice fried with vegetables, stir gently and cook it with a variety of beans in a light sauce for flavor. Brown rice can also be better placed to salads for taste.

 Wheat noodles can through training as regular pasta (- enjoy with tomato sauce instead try to use less cheese or sauce on white) are served. However, when produced in this way makes sure you have more pasta and less sauce on the table. Wheat noodles can also be added to salads and soups.

Make a delicious sandwich bread, a piece of grilled chicken or steam, some lettuce, tomato and mustard. This sandwich has all the nutrients you need without adding too many calories to your diet.

 Enjoy a bowl of cereal for breakfast with a glass of skim milk, a handful of nuts (like almonds and walnuts) and some fresh fruit.

Boiled potatoes are added to salads and are certainly worthy of more nutritious, if you leave on the skin.

 By Taha Mateen


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