Heart diseases

Heart is the most important organ of the human body. It plays the central role in our body. It works throughout the life of the person. The health and the fitness of the other organs of the body are fully dependent upon the appropriateness of the heart. Due to its significance it provides the vital importance in our body. Any disturbance in the function of heart badly affects the whole body. The function of heart is to pump the blood and supply it throughout the body through arteries and vessels. In view of all the functions of the heart we must take care of it very well. A large amount of people are affected by heart disease these days.

 There are several reasons for that in which high level of cholesterol in the blood; hardening of the arteries, the formation of any clot in the blood vessels which resist the flow of blood, smoking  are common one. The symptoms for heart disease are the pain in the chest, having pain in the left arm, dizziness, weakness, speech difficulty and shortness of breath.

 A person with heart disease must do a lot of walk, avoid oily edibles, keep the level of cholesterol lower and strictly avoid smoking. The patient must do some exercise as well in order to keep himself fit and fine. Heart disease is a very crucial disease. Now a day’s people are confidently going for heart operations and heart transplants but yet it is risky as only few of the cases get successful because it is a very delicate organ. Heart disease is the only disease in which the person ultimately leads to death if it is sever. So the patient must consult the doctor as soon as possible if he saw the symptom of this disease described above.      

By Umar Saleh


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