Hickeys; Now Easy to Get Rid of

Difficult to move out? Ohh! Hickeys!! Yes, it’s surely a fret to move out while having a tight eye on the cloth around your neck hiding these red hickeys. Nobody wants to get embarrassed with the plethora of these signs which can affect your grace in the public and can be a big headache if you are not aware of how to get rid of them? No wonder, if you have tried a lot of expensive remedies for getting rid of these hickeys which may have made your budget a little below the line of affordability; I do believe you must have done that. But the wonder is in the simple and the plain remedies which you can have at your home without spending even a single penny. Yes! I do not only claim that but also have the invitation for you to have them at your own and come with the easy results.

 If you are around to look for the ways how to get rid of hickeys; take the advantage of reading this article for getting your solution. Before going on to know the remedies; you must be acquainted with the fact how hickeys are caused. Hickeys are the red marks left on your skin after the long suction usually in case of long kissing, rarely after the usage of suction cups by you. The suction cups or the suction construct the blood flow for a while in the veins, obstructing the blood path which sometimes results in the breakdown of thin walled capillaries.

Though the use of suction can be made on any part of the body yet there are few vulnerable areas which are likely to be most affected by these signs, or you can say where these seem most prominent. These marks mostly appear in the neck area making it difficult for you to move in public because surely you must not want people turning to you staring these nasty red bruises. Have easy tips and enjoy the greatest results, without going in the hassle of going to have an appointment, and then paying great charges for the lightest treatment.

These few and easy tips will surely help you knowing how to get rid of hickeys. It does not need you to be a scientist or a surgeon for applying these methods as these are simple in nature and can be applied as home remedies. You will get rid of these red signs within a couple of minutes. The first tip known as the cold method needs an ice cube and nothing else. The procedure takes you a couple of minutes and brings the wonderful results diminishing the hickeys. In this method, you have to take an ice cube and move it on the hickey while pressing it little bit up and down. You will feel sudden cold sensation which may make you shiver down but after a moment; it will be all right. This massage will help you getting a relief and a good feeling at the moment.

Hickeys are caused on the bursting of blood vessels and the cold method provides you with the ice massage which heals these vessels and brings a relief to you. The healing of the veins rehabilitates the blood flow back to the parts and the redness starts fading away as the blood supply becomes continuous. If you find it difficult to hold the ice cube for five to ten minutes, you can wrap it in paper towel exposing its tip to the hickey affected area. The towel must allow the tip exposing your neck area bringing the best cooling massage. The towel holding is relatively easy as compared to the ice as it does not cause any numbness.

Second method is called hot method. This is as indicated by the title is not dealing with any ice cubes at all as it involves heating instead of the cooling. For this you need to be bit patient and must not apply it instantly as in this case, the hickeys can be rigid and may become stuff which will surely to difficult to remove by the ordinary method. So, wait for one to two days for getting these hickeys to disappear; if these stay there, you may go to apply this. This method involves the use of compress on the hickey for fifteen minutes. Have a good and firm grip on the compress and let the hickey area be in good contact with the compress letting the maximum exposure of the hickeys to it.  Oh! Compress is not available? No problem, you can make use of towel soaked in hot water. Simply take the towel with water put on and heat in microwave. The towel should be heated not to the much heat as this has to be put on your body.

 Before you place it on your bruises, make sure it is not too hot to re-injure it. This method can also be applied by taking a tea bag soaked in hot water. Place the tea bag on the hickey; this will ultimately reestablish the blood flow to the bruised area. As soon as the blood supply is established, the hickey starts disappearing returning you to your real skin. You will definitely find the first method comparatively easier to learn how to get rid of hickeys. Second method is conditional and should be applied with the time limit mentioned. This also involves some risks of getting the burning injures if placed tea bag or the towel has got the temperature unbearable for your skin.

 Now you must be worry free as you can move out in the public after performing the simple remedy as a treatment for your hickey area. These will not make you absent from any of the gathering which may be ignored by you before reading this just because of these nasty marks.

By: Ammarah Khan


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