Home made remedies can be used for beauty care?

Skin care is main concern for every woman in her life. Every woman wants to look elegant, gorgeous and unique beautiful lady among the mates. They wish that every person admire her beauty and praise in words. And for this appreciation she can do any thing. She works hard to get the fresh youthful look. She tries every method of skin beauty as she knows about it, and she can waste a lot of money and time too for her passion.

We know very well that the prices of high-quality beauty products are very high and every one can’t buy it easily. Only the prosperous ladies can afford these all, but this is fact that every woman desire to be good looking lady. The working ladies and the middle class or lower class ladies, who can’t afford the skin products of high quality then what can do they for their skin beauty and for care?

The house wives, the middle & lower class ladies don’t need to worry for their skin care and beauty because they can make low price and easy remedies for their skin attractiveness and care. For the skin freshness and unmarked beauty the ladies can use the honey mask, the ladies who have pimple or acne problem can use the egg mask. For oily skin we only use the eggs white part and for dry skin we can use the yellow part of eggs, if we put a little quantity of rose water in it then it may becomes marvelous.

The home remedies are not only the cheap one but it can be made without any problem at home in seconds. Home made beauty skin care products have really amazing effects and these can work as other superior cosmetics. The women can make facial masks and lotions and creams too in their houses. Fresh fruits masks can use for face and also for hands and feet. These mixtures remain amazing results on skin and hairs and the ladies can get that luxurious look which they think that only the costly products can. Now this has proved that the home made tonics and therapies are 100% successful, cheap and very easy to make.       

 By Rehana Khan(111/10)


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