Landscape design ideas for spring

It is always so exciting for the spring season by pushing start here in Michigan. It’s that time of year when my ideas can start planning to come to life. This year I started thinking about how to incorporate the natural image of our property. Since we live on a river in my thoughts went straight to the rocks and water. Then I thought that the water attracts bugs already enough to plan such a water feature in the country is not rock, but includes all shapes and sizes began to take over for me.

Sun landscaping ideas come to mind first was used to improve our outdoor fireplace. Three years ago I had some landscape material that does not resist heat purchased. So we already had a place for it, but I needed to add pizzazz. My first thought was that I like how deep our pit was, so I wanted to keep the same. So we decided we’d ring out of the pit with river stones. I have the greatest and they dug into the pit and took the longer and surrounding the rest area. They were by the stones together stabilized. It turned out beautiful.

The following landscaping ideas come to mind are replacing existing old railway sleepers with a border of medium stones. In order to achieve this is, first remove the old plant boundary and take it to the junkyard. I wanted to find a natural border. To do this, we got three inches of dirt where the new limit would sit down and buried deep point boundary. This gave the impression that the stones were out there and not just thrown the stability that it is not easy to roll away Sun

The next step was to add topsoil to the bed. Rocks were much larger than the two rail links, go to not lose the flowers, we must increase the existing bed of soil to hold. Once that happened, we improved the existing shrubs was fresh brown mulch. Brown brought against the stone truly natural look of the flower bed, that’s exactly what I hoped. I have a few flats of flowers and look was complete. It was so cheap for such a great new look.

I also wanted to limit the access road, gravel, because I came regularly intact always escapes our driveway into the grass. This idea would bring the landscape of natural wood and stone that surrounds our house. I took some pieces of wood cut in the ground dug to them there, where I wanted to start border. Then we went together like Legos to combine a long bolt. This provided stability. I know children are jumping up and over them, so I need to make the project was as much as possible. This mixed solution and kept in the driveway stones actually in the parking lot and not on the grass.

Whatever be your ideas in the landscape this year, go for it. If you do not have time or not so many professionals to get the landscape and offer advice and does the job is for you to know. Enjoy your season to explore ideas landscape.

 By Taha Mateen


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