Life in London

London is a dream land. Every year a huge number of tourists and students move to London. The majority of young people coming to London make it youthful and dreamy. The presence of world’s best universities and institutions, London is considered as the most prominent city in all European cities. Life here is fascinating, an absolute new experience especially for the students coming from other Asian countries. The ultimate excellence in education and the presence of Oxford and Cambridge universities makes an unforgettable experience unmatched and wonderful, while studying here. The occurrence of music concerts and dance parties makes the stay enjoyable and amazing. Life is true, colorful, entertaining as well as hectic too. A large number of tourists are seen with digital cameras clicking to capture the variety of youthful activities going on and on everywhere.

A unique variety of Victorian buildings shows the grandeur of the past and a peaceful present marching towards the grand future. Soccer is very much liked by the Londoners and a number of teams fight with the ball showing their utmost expertise. The majority of youth is interested in games and specially cricket. Life, here, is full of pleasant surprises and everybody loves to live a life of a different class. Every individual is treated with human value and one finds himself in a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere. He or she can enjoy their life according to British metropolis.

The life at night remains hectic and vibrant because it has its own worth to experience. A wide range of restaurants and chicken shops are busy continuously catering the customers, all the night. The view of London Bridge and a graceful stature of Buckingham palace are worth seeing. The crossing of river Thames is so exciting that it touches the heart. Streets of London shows a sign of fashion excellence because from every part of the world people display their fashion clothing’s freely. The humanitarian grounds are also very sound in London, best available medical facilities and charity works are the peculiarity of London.

By Umar Saleh


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