Objections against birth control.

Many of those who speak against birth control put forward the argument that on medical grounds it is inadvisable because it creates sterility in the woman. The best answer to this argument is the official report of the British Birth Control Clinics, which deny on overwhelming evidence that the use of contraceptives causes sterility Other says that propaganda in favor of birth control and the opening of clinic for it encourages immorality It might well be retorted that for those who desire it, the knowledge is always available, those who wish to put the knowledge to bad use will find ways and means all the world over. But this should not stand in the way of those who are too poor to help themselves…..it is for the sake of the poor and the illiterate that propaganda for birth control should be carried on.

Another argument against birth control is that it is the rich and educated families who limit the number of their children and not the poor ones, and that to advocate birth control means that the proportion of poor and weak members of the population will increase. But surely this is only another argument for the encouragement of birth control propaganda lf under the present “hush-hush” system, it is the rich who take advantages of the system, then means should be devised so that the masses can learn its secrets and so better their lot.

The people who can really benefit by birth control are the poorest peasants and work man in the towns whose condition of life is the most miserable, and for them it is necessary that free birth control clinics should be organized with good financial backing, so that working woman can get the necessary information and free appliances when they are in real need of them.

The foundation of birth control clinics is therefore essential in any campaign to better the health of a nation. More than this , countries such as India and Pakistan where there is a great deal of oppositions on the ground of ignorance, women should be trained who can go round from house to house, particularly among the villages, to teach and preach  the woman their new aid which has come to them through medical sciences.

By Rehana khan(111/10)


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