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Petro Canada saw its beginning in 1975 in Alberta which started operating on 1st January 1976. Its foundation was the result of a parliament act. It is a crown cooperation the purpose of the creation of the company was to control energy sector in china as the Chinese president Trudeau always wanted China to be more independent and less dependent on the United States of America. So, the creation of petro Canada was a part of his dream of self-sufficient Canada.  The creation of the petro Canada goes back to the year 1973 when the world found Arabs having huge reservoirs of oil were badly engaged in the bloody wars and the prices of oil went to the sky.

The province of Canada, Alberta had plenty of the oil reserves which were controlled by an American corporation. This was the time when the Chinese president and the opposition felt the sheer need of the time of establishing a Canadian corporation which could control major part of the oil trade. The resident wanted the American corporation to spend more amount of the oil supply to Canada and les to be the states of America while the business was going on reverse. So, 1975 was the year of birth of the Canadian corporation petro Canada. This angered the western world. The company kept on working as the one of the Canada’ s largest corporation and fulfilling almost 40% of the Canadian domestic and industrial needs. The idea of the petro Canadian as a powerful tool however was not liked by the liberals who were against the establishment of the corporation and wanted to sell it off.

1988 was an important year in the history of the petro Canada; it was the time when the government tried to represent the corporation as a symbol of the Canadian nationalism though Olympic bid. This was the high time for the petro Canada to get popular inside and outside Canada. With the coming years, the corporation made its grounds firm by purchasing few of the world’s famous oil brands and suppliers however the services of oil and gas refinery were got by British Petroleum Canada.

1980 was the year of the changing history of petro Canada. This was the time when liberals came in power and with their authority in the government, the energy issue was raised. They stopped the idea of making petro Canada as a symbol of Canadian nationalism and made it just to compete with the oil companies in private sector. Soon the corporation saw its deterioration and the government decided to privatize petro Canada. In 1991 the shares were sold in the open market while keeping 19% in the company. The shares price fell dramatically and the company suffered a drastic loss with many employees being laid off.

In 2009, it was merged with Suncor and now it is owned by it while the brand is used nationwide. It has owned refineries in Quebec, Alberta and Montreal. Its major projects were White Rose, Hibernia and Terra Nova.

It was 2006 when the company decided to enter in the mobile market and launched a prepaid service known as Petro Canada Mobility. In 2009, it decided to open fast food restaurants and provided the services of car wash with drive thru. Its offered services also include car repair service which is known as Certigard Car Repair. The Suncor ownership has surely brought a changed environment while entering in the open race of competition and brings the services to increase its customer market. Petro Canada has though been privatized yet it still symbolizes the Chinese president’s dream of all being independent.

Petro-Canada For entry level positions

Petro Canada since owned by Suncor introduced new policies and changed the recognition. Entry level jobs are of two types at petro Canada Corporation. First type is for the internal employees i.e. who are already working in any of the Suncor domains and second is for the external candidates. For the first type anyone who has not been an employee in Suncor is not eligible. The purpose of this type of apprenticeship is to promote the enthusiasm and share the work experience among workers. This program invites everybody who has a working experience of six months or more than that. This apprenticeship for the internal employees is devised annually and every year the board provides the facility to some of Suncor’s workers.

Second program of apprenticeship is for the external candidates and students are usually chosen for this type. Suncor runs the second type in association with the community cooperative careers. This corporation is one multi stakeholders of Suncor and through this program; it enables the local students to carry out their finances by having studies along. This is pretty relaxing as compared to the first one. The qualification and the work-job transition are the two important factors involved in the second type of apprenticeship.

The package offered by the Suncor for entry level apprenticeship is quite handsome. It offers its package based on the slogan “pay for performance”. The performance is rewarded with the incentives and promotions. The basic pay is attractive as compared to the other oil companies in the market. That is one of the major reasons that students try their last to be a part of Suncor’s student apprenticeship. The long run incentives enable the students to earn and focus on the studies as well. This is a good management strategy which made the learners to learn and earn at the same time and this features petro Canada bit higher when ranked in the group of oil companies.

The individuals who are able to perform the best and excel in their services, Suncor brings special rewards and additional bonuses for them. This policy is as being part of other oil companies as well. The purpose of this additional reward is to motivate and appreciate the individual for his best efforts involved and contributed in the promotion of the company. Suncor is specially looked at for its high bonuses and additional rewards.

As for as the compensation line is concerned, Suncor stays at the same level as other companies are in the market. This feature keeps the company in the competition. Suncor cannot afford to be lower in status as it can affect its marketing and will definitely take the hard and sincere workers to the other oil companies. This compensation line invites the people to join Suncor instead of other oil companies which offer low wages with the same working pressure. Other companies demand high work load to be done by the internees while offering more or less the same package.

One of the policies for deciding pay scale for the entry level is their experience and exhibition of their working skills. This is often smelled when a candidate is being interviewed. The interview revealing facts enable the committee to decide the pay scale for the person being interviewed. Sometimes this strategy fails as a candidate may not be able to perform well while answering the interview questions though having the best working skills.

By having an overall analysis, it is obvious that one of the reasons of Suncor’s continuity in growth is its compensation and reward policy which pushes employees to work harder.

By: Ammarah Khan


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