Project Manager Power

The following are major power and authorities which a project manager get or approved from the concern departments.

Technical knowledge. Maintain rapport with all involved. Building alliances. being the focal point for de-cisions and communications. Resolving conflicts effectively.
Corporate Policies. Departmental Policies. Procedural superior s right to command subordinates. Formalized Delegated Authority
Approved Project Plan. Approved cost estimated. Approved schedule commitments. Define Involvement by functional Areas. Focal point of conflict/Resolution.



Project Authority breakdown

Project conception and project feasibility:

Under this heading we discuss the following contents:

      Project Conception Phase.

      Stages of project Conception

      What a feasibility Assessment?

      Types of feasibility

      Tangible and intangible Benefits.

Project Conception phase: Conceptualization is the first stage in the project lifecycle. Conceptualization is the idea, thought, initial plan, first stage of thinking entrepreneur, manager or economic planner about his scheme, plan for elimination the existing problems in the existing operation or avail new opportunities prevailing. The concept may be to set up a new project or to expand the existing operation or modernize, replace with new concepts or technologies and to initiate action for quality of improvements.

Formulation is further firming up of the concepts, ideas, thinking etc for putting the same into a realistic plan. When the concepts about an existing plan become more and more clear, it would become necessary to examine all the aspects related to decision-making for investment aspects may be technical, finance etc. we can show the project initiation in the following diagram:

What is the feasibility Assessment? One of the most challenging aspects in the operation and maintenance of a business is making business decisions. Whether the entrepreneur decides to expand, close or venture into other channels for development, certain factors will have to be considered and evaluated before reaching a decision. In making tough business decisions, the businessman will have to solicit the help of a feasibility assessment.

Project proposal: Project proposal has different types of characteristics in a project. The PMO describe the more important characteristics and future proposal. After the feasibility, the project manager plans how the project should be done. In project planning, he must have knowledge of what is project planning, project execution, project information, and also early stages work. He knows the different techniques which are being used in the project and uses his own experience to plan a successful project. Then, he collects all the information regarding the project.

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