Recovering from Death grief

Death is a universal reality; one has to acknowledge it and prepare to take it as a normal course of human existence. It is somehow terrifying and we are highly afraid of being thinking about it in our normal life. We avoid to even talking about it because we find it most disturbing element to handle the loss of our dear ones all the way. On the other we have no idea of our own existence in this world, since we are blessed with this unmatched reality and believe to stay for a longer period yet this thinking has no calculations to stand for.

The purpose of writing this article is not to scare the readers rather a message to handle ourselves when we are headed with this call of nature. Death surrounds us everyday and we listen about it in our routine life. Sometimes we get a message that is much unexpected for us and we are emotionally disturbed and find no way to counter it. When it is a matter of some family member’s death then it becomes a shocking event to endure. A majority of people is not prepared to handle the life loss that comes abruptly and changes the whole scenario of life. There are some open minded people too and they astonish us by expressing positive views and totally accepting the reality on the spot.

It is a normally happen when some sort of death grief occurs people are overwhelmed with grief and extremely sad knowing nothing to handle their loved ones in grief. The very moment grief takes the charge of our lives and if we do not express our sentiments or emotional feelings we might be hurt inwardly. How to deal with this situation? The ultimate solution to handle this is the open minded attitude to accept the laws of nature with confidence. The stability in acceptance of death will provide strength and a capacity to handle the grief. This attitude will arouse a sensible acceptability, spontaneously, helping to settle the emotional upsets of respective family members.

Author; Umar Saleh.


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