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We know everything about holiday travel advice in the rule book a flight, you fly midweek, in the morning before the flight plan back-up, and clothes are mixed and properly pack and not wrinkle easily. Check online flight number before leaving the airport, known security policies to not be forced into line or Swiss army knife to put mail / package of razor blades / back to your knitting needles, etc.

but how many of us are really emotionally ready to go for vacation? We booked our flights, but not rude to prepare questions for our mother or Aunt Edna as sisters.

We did not sleep well in strange beds; we eat too much, because of something simple and soothing, and often end up just toughing it until we can return to our real life.

I’m not talking about vacation travel, which can not be far and undermines your return in the same night. The promise of sleep in our own beds, we can each day.

But if our loved ones far enough away that it takes more than one night to live, that advice is for you.

I know for me when I go into the house of my mother, we have the urge to fight dough) eat raw cookie start without me, leave or b) the garage door for a cigarette, without them catch me, or c) have sneak in my window at three clock in the morning to meet my school friend … without them catch me. I followed a healthy diet most of my adult life, I have not smoked for more than 15 years, and I’m happily married. Plus I do not remember so much slipped as a teen. So what’s going on? How can I avoid sabotage my healthy lifestyle or say something you regret it after too much eggnog

Many people experience post-holiday blues, because the journey to have come not what they had hoped. You wait months for family Thanksgiving and Christmas to see, and if you can not wait to get home. It’s never as you remember. In fact, it’s never how you wanted to be your memory. No wonder it can be a disappointment.

Family therapists say that concentrated the conditions that we idealize much in common vacation times, strong emotions, expectations of perfection, with the fatigue of travel and indulgences in food and drink combines the perfect Petri dish for emotional conflict and disagreement.

Especially if family lives far away, high expectations limited time together can create tension and inevitable disappointment, as the reality often can not live up to our expectations.

Experts can recommend following a few tips to travel, so to see family, an experience that does not bite off your leg to escape.

Some of these really valuable travel tips:

• If you travel to another time zone, you try to bed a little earlier or later than usual to go in the weeks before the trip. There is nothing better discombobulating, so they are not in sync with other software. Also, if you’re tired, you are more emotionally sensitive.

• Plan your trip so that you are not stressed. Arrive in plenty of time to go through security lines and time for any complications that may occur, make sure you or ticket, or better yet, choose an e-ticket and check it against a night. How to start your journey to the stage for the entire visit rate specified.

• Try to be as comfortable as possible during your flight. Wear breathable ask you for water instead of alcoholic beverages (you will not get drunk) help, bring a favorite book. You have heard it already, but it makes sense. The attempt to see, great for the arrival is a nice thought, but this time you get there, if your outfit is not comfortable you will not look good anyway.

And there are some practical tips on how to prepare yourself emotionally as well as:

• Communication with family members, hosting (if you stay with the family) is well before your trip so you can iron you do not need to sleep, and plan to plan your visit to avoid border conflict of expectations. If possible, try to stay in a hotel nearby. It will give you an oasis to escape to neutral and some time alone when you need it. Plus, the hotel no one cares if you beat your head against the wall several times need.

• If you try to keep the image. say with a statement or mantra you, even as simple as “breathe” may help if you feel your sister says, “You’re the boss of me!” Remember that as annoying as they may be, I love these people. She waited a long time and money, so your children can know Uncle Harold and Aunt Bernie, even if she does not have to peer up their bifocals and ask (every time she sees you), “Are you a lesbian?

• Have a contact person to have at home that you use a cell phone to refocus and remember that you are really 36 and not ten, even if your mother tells you what and what should not be carried out every five minutes. “For years, since I’m not ten years!” Telling your friend on the phone, it is better than your mother crying after three hot Toddies.

• Try to duplicate the normal routine as much as possible. If you are usually try to plan a morning. If you have your double espresso, to find out in advance Starbucks is local. Changes in diet and exercise can focus on your systems, which add to the feeling of nature can throw. Try to keep their usual diet as much as possible.

 By Taha Mateen


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