Sugar crystals

Sugar crystals mainly in food and their preparations decoration. Desserts, pastries, which are made with sugar crystals. Source crystal sugar cane is a plant that grows in tropical countries. Sugar crystals are also used in the manufacture of glass-like material. Such glass materials that are used instead of glass, photographic film stunts in movies that help to reduce the risk of injury considerably. Let us better understand crystal sugar.

Sugar crystals
Sugar, which we eat everyday is chemically known as sucrose. Molecular composition of sucrose is C12H22O11. Sugar is in crystalline form in the market.

How to Grow Sugar Crystals
You can easily develop sugar crystals at home. Sugar crystals procedure in the article is below.

    One would have a cup of water, 3 cups of sugar, pot holders, pot, glass, food coloring, stirring spoons, paper clips, binders and pencils for the growth of sugar crystals.
    You can use the method for growing crystals by pouring water on 1 January glass cup sugar and begin to slow.
    Sugar must be added to the water completely saturated and no more sugar can be dissolved in it.
    Food color can also be added to the solution, two drops of dye-rich crystals.
    The next step is binding on one end of the string to a pencil. other end of the string must be tied to a paper clip.
    Pencil should be given to a vessel so that the paper clip to the other end of the string, just touch the bottom of the dish.
    Glasses should be stored for about 24 hours.
    You will see the formation of crystals colored paper clip or any object Dive into the solution was chosen at the end of 24 hours.

Sugar Crystal dissolution and heating
See, there is no mystery in how to grow crystals. The process of adding sugar water is continuously leading to saturation. Water saturation point with change in temperature is changes. It has space (dissolved), more sugar in water with heating, the solution can be saturated by this method. As the heated solution cools, the crystallization begins.

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The best way to grow sugar crystals
The method provides the best results in terms of sugar crystal growth is shown below. Materials needed to grow sugar crystals are as follows: 2 cups water 4 cups sugar, candy thermometer, spoon, measuring cup, glass, wax paper, cotton string and pencil. 

The available water should be boiled in a pot with the help of heat over medium heat. 
You have to add the solution of sugar and stir it completely dissolve continuously. 
 The solution should then be in a bowl and poured the mouth of the glass covered with wax paper. 
Cotton string should be tied to the middle of the pencil. other end of the string must be attached to a weight. 
Cotton String would then be dipped in sugar, removed and dried for several days after referral. 
String after drying should be suspended in sugar solution and left for seven days. 
You can see crystals slowly. At the end of seven days monoclinic crystals with smooth surfaces and sharp peaks are seen.

Preventing the formation of sugar crystals

Foods such as sugar candy May not crystalline, it gives them grain structure. You can send ideas or tricks to prevent crystallization. The addition of fructose and glucose sweets is to prevent crystallization. Sucrose formation process is so slow. One possibility is the degradation of sugar (sucrose), is upset with the recipe. Lemon juice can be added to break sucrose into glucose and fructose.

By Taha Mateen


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