Suggested diet plan for reducing plus size

Plus size can be a dangerous condition for anybody because heaviness may be a reason for many hazardous or risky diseases. Chubbiness can cause a cancer, diabetes, gallstones, heart diseases, heart failure, osteoarthritis, reproductive problem and many more. If anybody who have plus size or over weight should reduce their extra fat and should maintain their figure. For healthy diet plan they should consult the doctor or nutrition specialist to suggest better diet plan.

A one of successful nutrition specialist told in his interview that he has researched on many patients of obesity and he has noted the same reasons for over weight like they all have the same irregular diet, they haven’t the habit of exercise or walk for an hour, they always feel idleness and a lot more. The doctors or nutrition specialists suggest different diet plans for weight loss.

A few number of physicians suggests that the over weight people should control their selves to eat their favorite foods for example, cheese, chocolate cakes, cookies, fried foods like finger chips, finger fish, chicken, potatoes and rice dishes. Avoiding favorite food is quite difficult but only some efforts can make it possible. And the nutrition’s also suggests using fresh vegetables and fresh fruits. Most of healthy foods are vegetables, fruits, whole grain cereals, whole grain pastas, skim milk, low fat yogurt, fish, salads, pop-corn; light soda, coffee and tea etc are the recommended food for plus size patients who are on diet.

The diet plan is not only based on diet of foods but the regular exercises are also a part. A regular walk of an hour for two times a day is a most advised activity for over weights. Or if the some one’s efforts more means may exercise for further time then it will be most useful for reducing weight. Some physicians provide a list of recommended food and guidelines to their patients for creating meals that are suitable for a quick weight loss. This list allows the dieters to maintain their diet according their life styles. Achieving a goal of maintain figure is not a complicated task but if the patient have confidence and determination then they can defeat the obesity and can get a healthy life forever.

By Rehana khan(111/10)


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