Termite control techniques

Termites are known as insects that eat wood and can quickly destroy wooden structures of any house. If we do not treat in time they can cause a severe damage any way. A regular checking for termites and preventing infestation is an important task to be performed in time. Never think that it is an ordinary task or taken lightly yet it should be done by some professional exterminator only.

Termiticides are used to spray just like liquid chemicals on the ground around the houses to restrict termites by poisoning. Termicides are known as the most common treatment of termite control all over the world. The behavior of termite is interesting sometimes they don’t live inside the wooden structure of the house rather they enter to eat and then leave the wooden structure and go back to their own houses. On the other hand if the termiticides are applied correctly this method works effectively more or less then five years.

Another technique that is very popular is fumigation. This treatment involves tenting the house or building and just spraying a combination of gases which includes poisonous chemicals. By using this technique all the termite colonies hidden throughout the area are annihilated accordingly. During this process and after few hours staying away from building is suggested normally.

The termite barriers are also used around the house construction process and normally this treatment is done while the foundation work is going on. Termite barriers are the mixture of soil and bait trap with a high concentration of termite poison. Home builder’s advice certain types of treatment while construction work is going on. The bait stations technique also helps to fight against termite these are tiny boxes filled with poison placed around the building area. These boxes are also replaceable with new ones when they start to lose their effectiveness.

Soil test can also be performed in order to get the proper treatment analysis accordingly.

By Umar Saleh


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