The celebrities pay off the price of publicity

When an ordinary man or woman becomes a star or celebrity, their lives suddenly change and most of celebrities seem to be fed up of this situation. Living as a celebrity is not as easy task as we think about it. It isn’t a life of dreams yet it’s also a way of difficulties and resistances where most of Celebes become depressed, upset and unhappy with their lives.

I have lot of examples of different Celebes who started their lives as a great celebrity while at the end they lost every thing, they lost their relatives, they lost their lovers, they lost their properties, they lost their star-dam and at the end there was nothing in their hands. Amesha Patell a renowned celebrity of Indian film industry belongs to a rich industrialist family. She got a gold medal from well recognized university of London, showing that she was perfect in each and every way. She got a star-dam after the success of her first film but soon after that she cannot continue her success and now the people had forgotten her name, so in this way she loses her place.

The main cause which is troubling most of stars of film, drama, and theaters that they cannot move in the society like a common man; they cannot enjoy their selves in public places. They face many complexities when they come out for shopping, sometimes with their families, or for the reason of any kind of need. Even they cannot enjoy their selves to watch out their own movies in the cinema. The life of a star is full of upsets and different kind of dramatic situations which we cannot imagine in our lives.  

Celebrities also invited in several events which are organized by famous peoples like industrialists, renowned politicians, or the powerful personalities of governments, if they refused to come or ignore it, the misfortunes welcome them to face a different kind of troubles in their lives. The celebrities work hard and they put effort every time in a great tension and pressure because they want to win the hearts of public and want a place in their hearts through their acting. Their tight schedule of shooting of films & dramas make them mentally stressed and this thing hinder their performance. So the life of a big star isn’t like a dream come true but it’s a life where one gets the scars of life.  

By Rehana khan (111/10)


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