Tips for Single Woman Traveler

Number of women traveling on their own, whether for business or leisure purposes has grown over the last decade and this trend will now get due attention from analysts of the trip. Meanwhile, there are travel agencies, tourist guides and tourist sites, if not entirely to women traveling solo dedicated to at least have special itineraries, information and tips intended for such.

So you can finally decide to exchange the armchair dreams for the real thing. You have money, you know the destination. The only catch is that if you’re going to make this trip, for various reasons, either on your own. This seems a rather daunting prospect for individuals are first time, but should not be. With the right planning, detailed research and sensible precautions can solo journey an enjoyable experience and are growing. You learn to rely on you and it is always a very pleasant surprise to find things “beyond the scope” even as where are indeed feasible and achievable. Another advantage is no less important, the chance for some much needed self-indulgence, to connect with you – the car that somehow in all the details of daily life, work, and leadership lost sight of family, friends, expectations, and so on. You also get the chance to interact with people of different backgrounds and cultures, and some of these meetings lead to great friends for life. Others, while time can remember to open it, for a new and different perspective on the world.

If you are on your own, here are some useful things to remember from personal experience and a variety of online sources obtained:

1. Keep someone regularly informed about your site and keep a cell phone with you, along with telephone numbers of local police stations, hospitals, rail and bus lines, the message.  

2. Wear sturdy shoes. Not only for the flight from Robin Hood, but also because it is good to your feet when you go to a lot of make on foot.

3. Trust your intuition about people, but it is wiser not to tell strangers their own or share personal information or travel plans. If you feel unsure about someone, do not stick around to test your intuition. Even if it is seems rude, better safe than sorry.

4. Think twice before a total stranger to take pictures – they might very well run away with your precious camera. Never take food / drinks from strangers – could be stunned.

And now take a pinch of salt and not be paranoid. While it is always a good idea to remain vigilant, we will realize as you travel the world is in fact a much better and friendlier than is generally assumed. There are many good people who you come in friendship, transcending barriers of nationality and race. People who have nothing is to give you something – to pass a part of their lives on their way. It is enough to restore faith in humanity.

5. If you have a penchant for expensive jewelry, squash this penchant for time travel. Give also expensive-looking jewelry. A small kind of thief is a thief here are small deduction because he started to not intelligent – and he would not be able to tell the difference between true and false story to tell. I cases where, after they have discovered one was fake later, the man actually returned and hit the person who had robbed – for having deceived him!

6. Check travel documents are in order and keep extra copies handy. Keep copies of e-mail account that can be accessed from anywhere.

7. Carry a whistle with you. It is great to get your attention – if the situation is justified or not.

8. Research your destination and book their safety, and in advance. Make sure that the hotel is in a good neighborhood.

9. Not travel alone at night. No point in unnecessarily brave.

10. Try to sit next to another woman while traveling on public transport and when asked for directions, ask a man or a woman with children.

11. Pack light as you need to do everything. Keep your money in a secure and hidden waist pocket.

 12. . Dress conservatively – some cultures require it, and if it is fair or not, know, think local customs – you do not plan, a company on a mission over – as they say in Rome, be a smart Greek. It will also prevent thousands of unwanted attention and harassment.

By Taha Mateen


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