Too much sugar is bad for your health

Today, consume much more sugar than people in previous years. This is particularly the case in children. Sugar has been linked to weight gain. The golden rule for weight gain is saved when the body gets more energy use than the rest of the body weight. Eat lots of sugar calories or food business operators must be observed by the burning of sugar. Today is not only additives, which are blamed on cigarettes because of health problems. Sweetened beverages and foods made primarily responsible for weight gain in children. Sugar-sweetened drinks are by far the most important source of added sugar in children in the West. Studies have shown that sugar-sweetened for each additional serving of beverage consumed, increases the risk for obesity by 65% in children. People trying to lose weight, so you should closely monitor sugar intake.

Sugar is one of the aromatic substances when it comes to edible for most people. It is important to enrich our food and drinks. This is the key to happiness and flavoring what we eat as our body’s energy supply. Sugar is available in two added sugar and sugar that naturally occurring divided. The sugar is consumed, as in many processed foods contain fill the shelves of our food. Another type of sugar is naturally occurring sugar found in fruit. Sugar is a substance that is good is bad for your health if consumed in excess.

Like any mother may know, excessive intake of sugar can lead to cavities. Studies have shown that countries around the world that a high consumption of sugar also have a high rate of tooth decay. It is clear that other factors may also play a role in root cavities. These factors include oral hygiene and drinking water with fluoride. For children with caries are more real because of the high consumption of sugar both in school and at home.
 Sugar was also the development of cardiovascular diseases, especially heart disease combined. Eating lots of sugar has been found that increase triglyceride levels in the blood, which is a type of blood fat. This could accelerate atherosclerosis, which is the accumulation of fatty deposits in blood vessels. Sugar has also in the development of diabetes mellitus, especially type 2 diabetes associated. The consumption of more sugar drinks and foods on a regular basis is found with ups and downs in the amount of glucose. This can lead to diabetes complications that lead to the kidneys, nerves, eyes and heart.

By Taha Mateen


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