Use of beauty products in past

The use of cosmetics has been experienced for thousands of years for modification of look and form of women’s and men’s both. Ladies have been used red Rose Patel for lips and black kohl for eyes beauty. Various kinds of fragrances and oils have been utilized for ceremonies and religious gatherings for long time. In ancient Egypt upper class or high society natives used minerals on their faces to provide color and sharpness of features. The Greeks were known to paint their faces. And on the other hand the Romans used oil based perfumes in bath and fountains.

In the past days the women’s of Asia and especially the royal families persons used the expensive fragrances and different kind of stuff in order to increase their beauty and charming look. Especially the royal Mughal princess and Queens utilized red rose Patel’s for lip beauty. They put kohl in eyes for elegant sparkle of eyes. And I have heard that at that time several ladies used turmeric for skin loveliness.     

Even the Roman Lucian is renowned to have talked about women and cosmetics in his time and that they used to teeth polishing and eyebrows polishing. Alcohol based perfumes were building up in Middle East and were brought to Europe in thirteenth century. In seventeenth century, the art of creating new fragrances by blending ingredients was developed in France. At that time the perfumes were made from natural elements & components like flowers, roots, fruits, rinds of barks. Making of perfumes process was so tough at that time and it needs intensive labor and a huge amount of flowers to produce small quantity of fragrance.

The white powder which use for face and for other parts of the body was developed in nineteenth century. It was composed of carbonate, hydroxide and lead oxide. In nineteenth century the lip renders were introduced which called lipstick later and eyeshades for eyes which make one’s eye sparkle.

Antiperspirants and deodorants were first time appeared in 1890 for light fragrant smell of body 24 hours. In early days there were some complaints of skin problems but after improving it continuously uses. In 20th century the commercial cosmetics industry begun his early period and slow and steady it’s started the journey of success. And now the European cosmetics industry is the biggest industry for beauty products in the world.              

  By Rehana khan(111/10)


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