Women Interest

Life without favorite activity? Just like a dry peeling which soon withers if not being watered. Today the world believes in woman freedom and claims to give them as many rights as men do have. This is why a woman unlike yesterday has her own circle of life where she is self centered and cannot be targeted as a homely substance. It is almost a century back when the sole interest of a woman was supposed to be her home, home and only home. Now the scene is changed and female gender is no more prone to a homely creation.

As far as women interests are concerned; these vary with cultures and classes. Here classes may play vital role as female activities become different in different circles. Today, a woman may even like to ride a bike, enjoy a long drive and even may wish to have an independent territory where she can enjoy, cry, have fun like guys.

The most common interest is to have the spirit of music and TV among women. This is something which you will find equally popular among all women of all cultures no matter to which class she belongs. Cinema has revived the tradition of the entertainment and women often love to enjoy a newly released movie on the cinema screen. You will often find a cinema hall occupied by the majority of women. They must be commenting on scene by scene loudly and feeling sympathy for the heroine or the hero of the movie. Music and TV provide entertainment independent of time and place. You are at a wedding, bored? No problem, plug in the headphones in your ear and start listening the songs already installed in the mobile. This is what is mostly done by young women to keep them away from boredom.

You will not get wonder if being told by someone that a market’s economy is always based on the taste of a woman. Shopping!!! Yes, certainly I am talking about the festivity enjoyed by a woman at every level; even a window shopping can engage a woman busy for hours. The poor souls like brothers, husbands and fathers are often seen bored and fed up and often consider it a useless activity of women which is mere wastage of time and money. Yet none of the above facts could ever have discouraged a woman to continue her hobby.

To join the short courses for time pass and for the need of time has increasingly become another interest of women. You will find women of all ages getting in the demanded short courses. These may be cooking classes, architecture, painting, internet or any other which becomes the voice of the age and time. They proudly discuss such activities when sitting in a group or the family women from other towns or cities. This is quite understandable that sometimes learning can be simply a display for a woman. But surely, it adds a lot to her experience and knowledge.

Fitness!! A craze that you will counter especially in women of upper middle and elite class. To keep her fit and smart is more than an interest for women and that is the reason that you will find the number of women gym greater than those of men. These gyms are fully equipped and provide a complete environment of such a luxury that every woman seeks out some time from other activities to spend here. This trend is not much common in the women of lower middle class or of the working class.

Young girls are often found fighting with brothers, dads, moms and their guardians for having independence to run a car. It is no more wonder if you find a girl riding a bike as fast as wind. Now this can happen on this planet. This interest is limited to a specific age group of a specific class. This is usually among the school going girls and the teenagers who are brought up with many boys at home. But still this is not as common as driving of a car. Some decades back, driving of a car by a woman often became topic of hourly conversations among people but now the situation is different.

Opting media is one of the growing interests of women. Young and professional women love to go in the field of media and being recognized by thousands of people when present at a common place. This has been proved by many young girls who became successful journalists, newscasters, actors, singers, script writers, models and anchor persons that fame can be a possession of a woman. You must find women of very rich background coming and joining this field as a matter of their interest and the wish of having independent recognition.

Sports are no more a domain of male gender. Women have fixed their nails over there as well. Though the sporty women are less but can be met. Especially young women love to have a display of their skills which can remove the tag of homely creation from them and this brings them in sports courtyard where they enjoy games of their own interest. A very common game played by women all around the world is badminton. This is pretty popular among girls and the ratio of women player in this sport is relatively high as compared to other games.

How can you think of a woman not having interest in fashion and beauty activities? This has been a natural urge and a womanly creation is always being associated with it. To have the best clothing, the latest mobile in hand, the most expensive handbag and the attractive jewelry keeping is something which is common in all women of all societies.

You must agree that the interests in the world affairs have widened the vision of today’s woman and she must be given a right to keep her interest alive as much as she wants.

By: Ammarah Khan


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