Global Warming

Global warming is the greatest threat of the new age existence. Man has paved the way of disaster for himself without knowing that his greed can lead to destroy this world badly. The presence of natural life in its purest form is the essence of God gifted universe. The unlimited production of chemical stuff and carbon mono-oxide has injured the ozone layer tremendously resulting in the rise of temperature of this earth. Scientists have found a great threat to life under water and millions of sea fish found dead. The change in temperature has caused a disorder in the changing of seasons and temperatures in the various parts of this world.

The continuous knocking of earthquakes and flooding has given us signal to stop this harming immediately, the scientists are suggesting a few remedies to help to save from global warming.

  1. Replacement of old incandescent bulbs to that of fluorescent ones because they give brighter light as well as save energy also, their maintenance is quite cheaper to afford.
  2. Usage of less heat producing equipments and air conditioners. Some other ways should be adopted to get cooling effect and heating accordingly. Depending upon some natural ways instead of adopting artificial methods would be harmful all the way.
  3. The automotives should be used with proper engines producing less carbon mono oxide and it is suggested to use electric cars or hydrogen engine cars to avoid such production of carbon on streets and highways. The natural means of transport or walking habits would be developed to avoid the unnecessary use of automobiles in our daily life schedules. Drive less and drive smart methodology.
  4. The ultimate saving of electricity should be done, the apparatus of daily usage such as televisions and computers should be switched off when not needed instead of turning them to sleep mode. The usage of electricity consuming devices would be minimized in our routine living.
  5. Always defrost refrigerators regularly and when the freezers are full of ice and contents try to switch off the refrigerator in order to sustain the temperature inside thus cost less energy requirement and less running of the machine.
  6. The architecture of normal houses should be done in energy conservation methodology keeping the houses warm naturally and cool by natural air flowing system.

      These are the few remedies which can taken into consideration to avoid global warming internationally.

By Umar Saleh


2 Responses to “Global Warming”

  1. Bahadur Ali Awesum says:

    Very true, the behavier of human is destroying the natur of earth, we should take most serious steps to make the ozone layer, bcoz ozone layer filter the beta, gamma type of sunrays, which r very harmful for our nature, if u follow these some advises which u’ve given, it’ll be a small step to make safe our homeplanet earth. Dear readers, plz avoide that kind of stuffs which makes huge amount of carbon & carbon monoxide, its our responsibility to make our planet save!

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