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Summary: How Love social psychology and successful relationship? This review explores the theme of close relationships, including friends and family, and the intimate / sexual. Different types of relations / trade unions as marriages of heterosexuals and homosexuals are presented. Love can be blind. All relationships are to the mutual dependence (as opposed to counter loneliness) or joint activities and focus on a particular type of commitment. The family is the place where relationships and patterns of the facility begin. Love relationships do begin as friends. As a result, the desire for love and happiness in a relationship without pain passages previous relationship.


what is love?
What is the common denominator of all relationships?
What is the common denominator of all relationships?
How to start relationship?
What are the different styles of the system?
What is important about children and their relationships?
What is different in children and young people relations?
As a close relationship is different from a general relationship?
 The Communication between different genders
what is solitude?
The various romantic
what is romance?
The truth about marriage
the romance ends?

Such as social psychology is love and successful relationships. This review explores the theme of close relationships, including friends and family, and the intimate / sexual. Different types of relations / trade unions as marriages of heterosexuals and homosexuals are presented.

What is love?

Love can be blind. A snail can look at a tape dispenser that is shaped like a snail, and love, thinking it was a snail! Do you look for a partner, many times people only see what they charge and I too selective. Finally, people see and think clearly, but perhaps too late. Relationships are complex. People first experience with relationships with their family. In childhood attachment style are developed and can have a lifelong relationship.

How to start relationship?

 People come into the world to interact with others. People have different preferences and individual interaction. to pay for babies’ first years of life, the attention to the sounds of the other “facial expressions, and speak to body movements, and also and to communicate in the same way. These interactions, the first binding, the answer is emotionally in on music and art general.

What is the common denominator of all relationships?

All relationships are to the mutual dependence (as opposed to counter loneliness) or joint activities and focus on a particular type of commitment. People have always had a close biological and evolutionary. Successful bond with others can lead to optimal living conditions.

What is different in children and young people relations?

Although young people of rebellion and emotional turmoil, marked most teenagers and their parents love each other. This type of successful cooperation contributes to the development of empathy. Although I do consider myself and very sensitive, especially with regard to their professional psychology, I can not say, my youth was marked by mutual love of my parents. There are cultural differences. Mexican American families are collectivist, family-oriented community, where the Anglo-American families tend to be more individualistic.

Be liked among students and children not only brothers and sisters in general, less of classmates and aggressive or more target or victim of aggression than children with siblings. This is probably due to lack of contact with sibling relations, which is very important for social intelligence. Although most of the brothers is over, brother relationship may be in contrast to the parental hostility and rivalry. I can relate. The parents tend to have no prejudice against their children, but they can UPS If the children are grown up and their parents are treated differently than their brothers. Sibling relations are usually successful when their parents are in a successful marriage and where each brother has a warm relationship with their parents.

, students and school bullying problem is usually conflicting relationships with their brothers and had a punitive parent. Unfortunately, sibling rivalry can take forever if they are not edited. Sibling relationships, including twins, in addition tend to increase during adolescence and young adulthood, but then back together. Successful sibling relationships are to share mutual support, protection and a safe space to put emotions and thoughts. 20 percent of the brothers are not 10 percent, 20 percent are close to indifferent to each other and 10 percent dislike each other. A different kind of sibling relationships, are the role of parent-child, as if my sister or casual acquaintances or close friends to stay in touch or just out of respect, as in my case.

From childhood, most people start casual friendships with peers who have common interests. These friends near done, because the parents are also friends. If the children’s friends to share positive experiences, they tend to last a lifetime. positive and enjoyable experience of a friend of fun together and the negative to be characterized by certain types of aggression identified. Many childhood friends fade away, especially because of the geographical distance, but some are close friends.

As a close relationship is different from a general relationship?

What is involved in a close friend of modesty, self-disclosure, sharing time together are supporting each other emotionally, generosity, relax and feel good. Cultural influences friendship. For example, in Japan, he is a friend, it is easy to get along, and be careful. In America, in addition to the same attributes, is a friend also spontaneously active. Women have more close friends than men. Women value are self-disclosure and emotional support from friends, more than men. The loss of a friend due to external circumstances, such as geographic move, it is painful.

The communication between different genders

Insert into the field of communication, the two men spoke often about sex and women in relationships, alcohol and sport. Women talk about relationships with people and relationships in general and fashion. Can men and women be just friends? Men befriend women in the hope of turning a friendship into romance and not turn on, then men’s friendships. Women Friendship begins to feel protected and it ended up where they feel protected.


Romance is different?

Regardless of sexual orientation or preference, a love story that people sexual attraction, similarity of values ​​and attitudes, while sharing the faith and share a special unit. Sexual attraction may or may not lead to sex. In the case of sexual attraction, one of the parties regard as a rule, in love and to be led to marriage.

What is romance?

Love relationships do begin as friends. You will need to belonging, mutual affection, influence near, excitement, similarity, and reactions to observable characteristics. A salient feature of the romance is a person, the emotional arousal sex and love. People do have higher standards for institutions romantic than it to friends. These norms are social status, warmth, natural beauty, playfulness and intelligence.

The workplace is a place where romance can happen. Universities can go from strangers to friends to experience sexual attraction, and not contribute to the attraction. know significant others, typically make their partners more than just friends. In romance, couples are looking for similarity unconditional love, affection, acceptance, approval and praise and compliments. In love there are three overlapping systems: self-perception of the other party, and the relationship between self and partner. Romance is partly built on illusions.

Women in general fantasy, but people only dream of when they heavily engaged. Men and women, the personality and character for both the same and it is important to find a true and intelligent way mate. He looks attractive, or youth and beauty in women symbolized as reproductive fitness. Romantic love is formed by a combination of cognitions, emotions and behavior. To find true love, people with Internet technologies today, such as Internet dating sites, which can be dangerous if not used correctly, or it can be very successful.

Passionate love is often depicted in romantic epic films like “Gone with the Wind.” Passionate love usually begins quickly and is an emotional wave of all-encompassing-and-drop to other people. This emotional reaction may not be realistic, even if one considers the true love, but facing outward. Unrequited love can happen when a person is another one that does not feel romantic love gets back.

Love can share a beautiful fantasy with others, as his small world. Desire and commitment is based on the biology of reproduction purposes. Bonding was successful for the success of the species. Usually the people for food for the family hunting and the women have cared for children Culture can affect desire and commitment to the religion, laws, songs and stories. For example, in Saudi Arabia, the public affection is forbidden. In other countries, polygamy is legal.

Dear Companion is based on common interests, attraction of friendship, respect and concern for the well-being of the other partner is based. Intimacy is decisions / commitment components of love and passion can leave perfect, or a combination thereof. Young Americans are for gay marriage, while older Americans are against it.

Commitment in a relationship is more important than that 50% of divorced marriages. Commitment to the fear of separation is not as healthy and effective as positive rewards, the commitment to maintain a long-term relationship. Spouses are similar in properties emotional, mental, physical, cognitive and social. People get married and common elements, like the years go by. Assumed similarity is a belief that some people have to stand on their partner
Usually decrease with time of passionate love. Company and sharing love is generally important for a lasting marriage. Other problems arise from the perceived injustice of marriage, such as term papers classified and finance. Couples with secure attachment style, efficient processing of these requirements. A common problem in relationships is that for the first time, couples will ultimately illusion perceived negative qualities of their partner, and is based. Relationship success is the result of an analysis of costs and benefits, and the economy. In costs, there is a common behavior, what is the cost for the spouse, but an advantage for the general partner and relationship. Civil success depends on the number of costs and benefits of marriage.

The truth about marriage

another problem in marriage is jealousy. Both men and women are at risk of infidelity. Dissatisfied partners usually operate infidelity, which leads to divorce. Disputes and conflicts are inevitable in marriage it is important to know how to process them effectively. Report of negative behaviors is on the topic of conversation, change of guilt, rejection, criticism and irresponsible and hostile. Unhappy men are avoiding reference to. What positive behaviors are communication commitment, show affection, and offers companies and support, maintaining a positive attitude and respect? A simple tool to prevent conflicts break before communicating the report and think long-term impact of an announcement that carries more positive reactions. It is important to be able in a respectful and friendly manner are in agreement, empathy, and defensive avoidance. What is said or done that will affect either create positive or negative then respectively either good or bad relationship?

By Taha Mateen


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