Terrorism means the threat or use of force against civilians or armed forces for the political or personal interest. It has become the most life intimidation form of international crime. The terrorists use to create peril in society. These are the people who are miss guide or miss lead by making their fake concepts towards religion. They molest the innocent people by creating terror and general harassment. They achieve their targets by doing hijacking, bomb blasting and killing on large scale. A large number of people have been killed in these savage attacks.

 Everyone is having the sense of insecurity and terror these days. People feel afraid while coming out of their houses. In spite of the fact that having a massive system of security, terrorists are successfully spreading a wave of panic all over the globe. The main causes of terrorism are narrow mindedness, fanaticism, devotion, fervor, intolerance and religious extremism. Mostly people do it for the temptation of money due to poverty. Terrorism is a cruel activity. It is strictly inhibited in all religions. It is an evil of society.

 A vast number of people adopt it in the sagacity of jihad. But jihad is totally different from it. Women, children, old and innocent people are not even touched during jihad. It is also a fact that some intelligence companies cause terrorism in enemy country to make it unstable. Especially Pakistani nation has become notorious in this matter after 9\ 11 attacks in America. But it is a reality that not only Pakistan but all the other countries of the world give the message of peace and love. But still there are certain people who destroy the peace by making attacks. Therefore terrorism is that evil that should be eradicate from roots and should be fought at all levels.


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