Weight management

No body likes to obsess about weight because it is harmful for our general health, but unfortunately if we do not analyze what we eat and try to live an active life, we may find those kilograms piling on as we move ahead in life. We can control our weight just by adopting certain precautions all the way;

  1. BMI is the body mass index related to height and weight commonly used to measure all over the world. It works out by dividing ones weight in kilograms by the height squared in meters. Another method is keeping an eye on the waist circumference. Normally, for a woman it should not be greater than 88cm and for a man it should be 102cm.
  2. Always carrying too much weight can expose you to increased risk for heart diseases, certain cancers and diabetes. It is always considerable to make a few sacrifices and a continuous strive to keep our weight at an acceptable level.
  3. The main thing is to burn the extra kilojoules than you take in. If you want to lose weight .5 kg per week you need to reduce your intake by 2100 k j and just by increasing energy expenditure by 2100 k j each day. Although it is not wise always counting the kilojoules rather it does help to know the consumption and expenditure in normal life. Adopting certain good and positive habits would help to improve health conditions and we will know the real factors directly concerned with our weight gain and loss.
  4. Doing exercise regularly and eating healthy are the proved strategies to the long term weight management. If you are not going to gym keep yourself active in other ways like jogging, dance classes and walking around your park. By adopting certain habits on your job or at home you can better adjust your weight level and keep your fitness up to the mark in routine life.
  5. Plan your meals ahead of time, proven it will help to manage weight problems and if you are taking junk food you should be more careful. Always take better food stuff and chew 30 times your food intake before swallowing. If you eat slowly and with regular intervals it will keep the energy levels better all the day.   

By Umar saleh


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