40 ways to sabotage your success strongly Self

Before we begin our journey through 40 powerful ways you can even sabotage our own success, to take a moment to define “self-sabotage.”

Self sabotage is when there is no logical or rational explanation for why you can not do the things you do or why can not things you want. If there is something you are really want to do or have to be not to bring but in your life – and there is no logical, rational or other “real” reason why you can not do and / or L-You-face self-sabotage!

Self-sabotage is easily recognizable by the experience of an internal “tug-of-war” between a desire and a little feeling that can not or should not do that.

At any time you hear yourself say, “I want to do that, but I can not (or not)!” This is the inner conflict of self-sabotage. 
There is a lack of desire, skills, knowledge or effort, holding the back. Rather, there is something in you that is stronger than your desire and blocking of your efforts, the things you do and have things that you want.

Self-sabotage can occur in different ways and at many different levels of severity. For example, if you really want to develop an Internet business, but if you sit down, start working at it, you start with all the other things you do, “should” rather than be distracted … This is the internal conflict of self-sabotage.

Or set, for example, really want extra people in your company, but keep it the fear of the employment of people who get the job done right … This is a struggle for self-sabotage.

Or, for example, simply want to make only more sales and / or marketing activities, but found himself doing all sorts of “other” things that distract you ever get to these activities … This is also self-sabotage.

Although it may seem difficult, you can break your barrier-free self-sabotage. The first and most important step is to recognize self-sabotage your specific behaviors and barriers. Once you assume full responsibility for your behavior and barriers to self-sabotage can begin the process of breaking free from their strong hold on you.

To follow is a list of 40 most powerful ways in which people sabotage their efforts to create the success they want. Use this to start as a checklist for an honest look at your behavior.

They are faced with self-sabotaging behavior, if …

You start projects to create successful, make some progress, then lose interest and do not finish.

Please do some tasks that will actually produce the desired results.
They fear too much about what others think of you when you promote with confidence, products and / or your company.

Once an idea is begins to start to produce income, to distract you away from this idea to us, “better” ideas.
Work diligently to create a business plan and / or strategy to develop your idea profitable in something – so you know what important things should be done (its site creation, e-product development, building a marketing list, networking, etc.) -. but you always do other things rather than more important things.

You say your “excuses” for key activities are not real “reasons.”

We assert how hard it is to make money in today’s economy.

I get the massive money-making opportunities overwhelmed that all the promises, “wealth beyond belief.”

I get through the massive marketing and prospecting opportunities that all promise overpowered “results beyond belief.”

Try a few things that do not work very well and had the disappointment and discouragement prevents you further.

They dove in one or two “safe” money-making behavior of income and income limits hole.

Despite the fact that you know your subject is inside out, uncomfortable marketing themselves as “expert” in your field.

Do not focus long on a topic or product enough to actually be an expert, which is clearly self-esteem will be lowered.

Try to remove too many ideas to implement in a time that only serves to focus your work.

You spend your time, money and energy to find out how to be successful and really do not get around doing things that create your success.

Non-specific goals are to guide your efforts for success and decision making.

One can not you realistic strategies for long-term money, the decisions will be lead on the expenditure.

Set goals for things that are “not” (debt, fight) to keep you on the negative rather than what “will.” Really focus

you are not transmitted.

Set of objectives, what do you think you want to do other people?

You secret fears about people who criticize you do with a wealth of financial success.

Do you secretly fear that his success does not make other people like you.

We fear that, if you try to create successful and people will not criticize.

You’re all talk and no action.

They deserve the same bad decisions over and over and over again.

Are you addicted to fighting.

They do things to create debt and other negative consequences.

You have come to believe that you do not make money, what you really want.

They were often beaten enough it becomes increasingly difficult to go back and try again.

Do you have a product or service you want to sell, but nobody will tell you that I think it is worth.

They constantly devalue yourself and your talents to “giving away” at your service.

You buy a large sum of money and lose your way to sabotage everything.

Interior Software You say you want and with a lot of money is sinful or otherwise evil.

Deep down you have this nagging feeling that you really are not worthy of a successful search, so you have difficulties to motivate yourself to really give your best, really.

You have sooo many great ideas that it seems impossible to start and select.

You make decisions that threaten your financial stability compulsive.

You know you have the potential to do more with your life, but fear of failure (or success).

You wish you could hesitate less and accomplish more.

You can avoid constantly filling important things on your to-do list.

You need to force them to stay engaged your goals.


Everyone has limits and self-sabotage behavior!

Self-sabotage happens to people of all ages, occupations, financial and social status! Few people are of this frustrating fact of life!

However, successful people do, what do real need to release self-sabotaging behavior and barriers so that they easily and naturally move on to the successful achievement of its objectives.

Consider: A person $ 100,000 per year, was very different from thinking, internal processes and beliefs about money than someone who makes $ 20,000 per year.

If you are faced self-sabotage and behavior, it is because you think it’s the internal processes and beliefs that are outside of alignment with the desired objectives.

Look at what is now creating in your life. This is what your internal thought processes and beliefs are now in line with creation. Successful people are concentrating on alignment to create this success, while frustrated, “to-be that” people are in line with the focus on the challenges and problems that are successfully rejected.

You must have a genuine and effective in aligning with the mentality of the person you want to be! Only then will you allow your success to come into your life.

Every person on this planet has much potential to be successful! If you made a lot of successful people in these world needs of your need for its own internal challenges, problems and obstacles that sabotage your success is going to be counted.

The best way to break through your barriers to success without self-sabotage and practices it is …

1) Explore your hidden, unhealthy thinking and beliefs that are outside of alignment with your goals (often called “ah-ha moment”) and

2) Replace them with thought processes and support your wishes and beliefs that force you to reach your goals successfully.

Unfortunately, many people listen to after step 1, when they discovered the source of their self-sabotage and had their “ah-ha moment.”

Some people work only at step 2 you spend hours and hours and hours trying to feed their brain with positive affirmations and other means, “overwrite” sabotage their own thinking and beliefs, without having discovered its source.

To long-term, lasting change, they shall, in accordance with real and genuine moves easily and naturally to create the desired result, you need to do both steps 1 and 2! You have to discover and identify inefficient old beliefs and thought processes and then install new, more efficient processes of thought, showing how to safely get your brain to the desired success.

Note: If your brain already knew how to get what you want done in a more efficient it would have been. Your brain is deprived of your internal processes for moving to your destination that is your job to install a new thought process more efficient. She grew up in an environment full of people who have done successfully, what are you doing? If not, you probably have not thought through effective processes already installed in your brain.

Once you are authentic in alignment with the goals and desires are, you will be natural and easy to find as necessary to achieve the desired success to a wealth of new internal forces. Your body, mind and soul come together naturally and easily move to your goals!

By Taha Mateen


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