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Chinese zodiac animals

  In Chinese zodiac system the concept of time is different from western linear time concept. This Chinese zodiac is consisting of 12-year cycle, that’s why, we can called it as a cyclical time concept. According to Chinese astrology, each year is related to a specific animal. The people born in these specific years are […]

Astrology history and faith

Some questions about life and death seem to have no answer. There is always a great amount of uncertainty with future finds life is very unpredictable! What is the reason for this uncertainty? Why is life so unpredictable? No one has ever found in a position to answer these questions. And probably for the same […]

Astrology is an Acknowledgment?

Actually it’s a custom, in Hinduism, to have the horoscope of a new born child drawn up by a PANDIT means Astrologer. In big cities, many own up this old art, and advertise claims in the local press to portend the future and to give suggestion regarding business, love affairs and other important things.  Though […]