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Is cash flow important?

What is Cash Flow? The concept of cash flow can be defined in different ways. Some people feel that is appropriate to define cash flow as revenue from the sale or the income in a business or organizational issues. Cash flow is a kind of income or expense that relates to the cash accounts. It […]

Cycle of cash operating

The concept of working capital also comes to the fore when it comes to these cycles of cash. Net working capital formula tells us that it is equal to current assets – current liabilities, and this gives an indication of how well the company’s current liabilities and obligations to fulfill. Operating cash cycle is to […]

Cash Flow Ratio

Accounting is one of the most important disciplines of the business organization. Although the accounts do not directly contribute to the production and they offer the entire industry with an invaluable service, an indication of the company / company with the knowledge and information about the monetary value of the activities. The last 100 years […]